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Easy Lasagne Recipe Rss

Good morning everyone,

Does anyone have an easy Lasagne recipe that they would like to share?

Going grocery shopping tomorrow and have decided that I want to make a Lasagne.

I have made Lasagne in the past but my Lasagne sheets always turn out too dry!

Thanks, Kathy x

I follow the san remo lasagne sheet box. However i leave out the mushroom and i make double quantity of the bechamel sauce so i can put a nice layer to cover the sheets itkwim works every time for me


Have you tried the Latina fresh lasagna sheets (from the fridge section)? I think they are alot nicer than the dried ones. The packets usually have a few months expiry date, so you could buy them in your shopping and not use them for a few weeks and then I just freeze the rest. I put the amount of sheets I would use in a zip lock bag and freeze.
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