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freezer meals? Lock Rss

hi there i am looking for great freezer friendly meal ideas i can make and freeze in advance as i dont always have to energy or motivation to cook healthy meals for myself and my little one when dp works away (he works away one week on, one week off) does anyone else do this? or have any meals that freeze great? thanks in advance xx
Hey...I freeze evvverything.At one point I was even puting them in single serve food containers...Some stuff I do regularly are...
Zucchini slice, pasta sauces for spag and lasangna, cassarols, stews. You can freeze most things even piklets, muffins and cakes for the kids. Its a really good time saving idea.
I do it all the time. Some of the things I freeze are below. I freeze them in individual meal sizes too which makes it easier when reheating.

fried rice
most pastas - spag bol, carbonara, ravioli, lasagne
shepherds pie
mince pilaf
satay chicken & rice
sausage rolls (I make mine with lots of grated vegies in them)
Same here freeze everything smile
Dp's Nan freezes everything she cooks and gives us it as well roll eyes
Ourfreezer currently has frozen lasagna and apricot chicken and beef stew and I think boll sauce as well
Makes easy lunches for dp on lunch breaks and when he works late
Hi My Daughter is 9 months old and I have been steaming veges and mashing them or blending with chicken, tuna etc for months and individually storing them in meal size portions. I originally poured the mixtures into ice cube trays; freezing then transfering into zip lock bags. As she got older I Used individual containers. I make apricot chicken, chicken risoto, Tuna patties and It all freezes well!! Just make sure you use air tight containers or even zip lock bags are great. The Huggies kids Recipes link has some great meal ideas if your ever stuck for inspiration and google is a great tool!
hey hun my mum always freezes everything..lasagne, stews, pasta sauces,cakes,slices pretty much everything is great i have just started to do the same saves time and energy..
I try and make two different meals out of the same/similar ingrediants. Ie, I'll do up a batch of spaghetti sauce and keep half for pasta and make a lasagne with the other; make a chicken pie and chicken curry, just so you can have a bit of variety.
These are my faves though
Chicken soup
Pumpkin soup
chicken pie (wiht out pastry, I just make the mix, and when I'm ready to use it, defrost, put ready made pastry on top and put in the oven, pastry's nicer that way)
chicken curry
tuna mornae
I make Thai green chicken curry, Thai beef red curry, Lasagne, Tuna bake, Bacon and mushroom creamy pasta, Pesto pasta, potato and leek soup, sweet potato and leek soup. That's what's in the freezer at the moment. Fried rice is good too, and of course any kind of soup.
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