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Fish Rss

Which frozen ones are good? I am a new fish eater and want to have more in my diet but im still a bit fussy about it, il only eat it grilled from my local takeaway coz it just tastes so good but any other fish i eat i dont seem to like coz it tastes too fishy....i know that sounds crazy but do you know what i mean? Are there any good frozen ones that people could recommend?
Thats a hard one because there's so many different ones & so many gross ones.

I tend to avoid I&J coz ive never had a good dining experience eating their fish.

Sealord Hoki i think is pretty good. They're battered/crumbed though.

BirdsEye lightly seasoned ive eaten a few times. I enjoyed it most of those times.

And there's one (dont remember the brand name but i think its birdseye) its not battered, but it has a flavoured sauce & you steam them. They're yummy.

Frozen fish never tastes as good as fresh fish though.
I really dont like fish either, cause it tastes fishy.
Like tinned tuna if it has salt and vinegar on it.
Grilled salmon, and reef fish aren't fishy.
And sometimes Barramundi if it's cook right.
Salmon is always the best!)
and i found tasty recipe of sea bream -
1 Sea Bream
0,5 Lemon
1 sprig Rosemary
1 sprig Parsley
1 tbsp Olive Oil Extra Virgin
Bell Pepper forserving
Amazing Fish!! Try)
Hey, I want to start eating fist. Onee I tried it while I was travelling to Andaman. Andaman and Nicobar islands tourism is very trending these days. you can travel there and try new food.
It's not weird to say fish tasting fish! smile I actually know exactly what you mean. Salmon is a good one for a different taste. As is Tuna but not quite so good as salmon. Failing that a good old battered cod and chips from the chippy is great - albeit not as healthy lol smile
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