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Anyone do home preserving? Lock Rss

Just wondering what dehyrdator or jars or jarring equipment you use and how well you think it works smile


I use my dads dehydrator so I am not sure which brand it is. its really handy. Everytime either of us have excess anything we dehydrate it. I got a huge box of mushrooms for $14 (approx 5k) sliced them all and dehydrated them. My daughter ate them like chips and you put them in pasta sauce and they rehydrate! I make jams, sauce, quince paste, wine as well. I just collect old jam jars and use them. I boil them for 15 mins and put them in a hot oven for another 10 to sterilise. Then I let them cool slightly (to the same temp as the jam) otherwise they will crack. I use the fowlers cellophane lids to seal. For sauce I either use a jar, wine bottle or a beer bottle and cork it or cap it. My equipment is a 20L stock pot (with a cake rack in the bottom to stop the jars hitting it.) and a wine bottle corker. (but not necessary)
I love it and its great to be able to use our surplus for the rest of the year. I do extra for dad in exchange for letting us use his dehydrator. i also make fruit roll ups, apple rings, banana chips in it as well. It is time consming but worth it. If you get an apple corer - it will save you heaps of time! We use only lemon juice if that for things like apple.
have fun!
We make all our own chutneys, relishes and marmalades. We also make our own pickled vegetables like beetroot, diakon and mushrooms. We make our own tomato and vegetable pasta sauces but I freeze that. We use a similar set up to OC but no corker. Nothing fancy and it works fine. My only issue is finding enough small jars as we don't buy them to begin with. I always have loads of large ones though.

I don't dehydrate food unless semi oven dried tomatoes count. We make loads of those but I keep them in oil in the fridge.

We go to the markets of a weekend and buy whatever is fresh, cheap and in bulk. I buy my spices from an indian wholesaler as they are cheaper and much fresher than from the supermarket. It is a great feeling when you convert it all to rows of gorgeous goodies.
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