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looking for one thats nice simple and easy

bow tie pasta, grated carrot, chopped sun dried tomatoes, finely chopped chives. Dressing of vinegar(white or red wine from memory) white sugar, french dressing, pepper. If I can find the recipe I can give you quantities, but it doesn't matter too much. Just mix it all together.

Or spaghetti, bacon pieces, caramelizes brown onion, fetta and toasted pine nuts.

Or a friend makes one that is simply pasta such as spirals mixed with a sun dried tomato pesto. Simple but yum.
i love pasta. I always have at least two vegies 1 meat and dressing.

pasta spirals a can of tuna mixed with diced tomatoes and green onions and mayonaise

pasta, bacon, mayonaise, capsicum and celery ..

pasta with potato salad dressing (lol) chopped green onions and red capsicum with some salami

I usually just try any vegetables i like, i put into my salads except lettuce and cauliflower lol if im doing one without meat I usually use balsamic vinegar to dress it. cause im odd like that
This is probably going to sound gross, but larger pasta (such as spirals or penne) and kan tong sweet and sour sauce.

it's awesome

you can add things like corn kernals, jullienne or gratted carrot, water chestnuts, even pineapple chunks if the mood takes you

Pasta - (bows, spirals, shells or penne: whatever you prefer)
Spring Onion finely sliced
Red & Green Capsicum chopped finely
Chopped Ham or bacon

YUMMY!!!!! smile
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