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Hi all,
DH has just started a new job, but it is a lot further away than his last one and to make mornings easier I'm wanting to make him 5 packed lunches in the weekend so that he can grab and go in the mornings (I guess he'll grab some extra fruit as well).
I have a great muesli bar recipe which I make and freeze, but need something more substantial for lunch. I was thinking maybe quiche or something? I have a self crusting corn one that I make quite a lot for dinner. But then I'm thinking he won't want the same thing every day of the week! Does anyone have any other things that would freeze well.
I forgot to say - there is no way of heating anything at his work, so it has to be something that would be good cold.
My linkthere is a great zucchini slice on and i dont like zucchini but i like this, really good cold. mmm. maybe some savoury muffins. if he had access to a microwave at work maybe do an extra serve when you cook dinner and just put it in the fridge for the next day
Sandwiches (fillings egg, curried egg, any meats/fish, cheese, picles, mayo, etc...). Pasta salads for the first couple of days. Pack a ploughmans lunch, meats, cheese, pickles, chutneys, sourdough breads/crackers, these things all keep well. Scotch eggs.
Just about all I can think of at present in addition to pp's suggestions.
Savoury muffins freeze well and can thaw out in the lunchbox during the day. I make rice salads, egg and bacon pies and things like hummus and other dips with cut up veggies to dip.

I also have a really great thermos that my hubbie takes with him and I make things like minestrone or even stews and pack them in it with a roll to have on the side. They always stay hot until lunchtime. I just zap them in the microwave in the morning until they are really, really hot and then do the lid up really tight.

Thanks all! You've given me some great ideas! mazzania I've got a zucchini slice in the oven as I type smile
I love any left over foods cold!!
Like pasta bake and potato bake yummy!!

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