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Dinners for the week Lock Rss

Sitting here trying to write my shopping list for tomorrow and am going so blank. I need 7 meal ideas, so whats on your meal plan?? smile
we had crumbed chicken tonight were having beef casserole tomoro and chicken wraps on tuesday

then its shopping day again so not sure what i'll get but probably something along these lines lol

roast beef potatos and vegies
lamb souvlakis
home made pizza
creamy chicken and rice

cant think of anything else
Our menu plan this week is

Chilli con carne
Lamb/sausages & veg
Fish & fried rice
Apricot chicken

And we had roast pork with vegies & yorkshire puddings for dinner tonight.

Eager to read other replies to get some ideas for next week grin

Sitting here trying to write my shopping list for tomorrow and am going so blank. I need 7 meal ideas, so whats on your meal plan?? smile

potato and leek soup tonight
lasagne and salad tomorrow
pork chops, mash and veg
tuna mornay
vegetable soup
homemade pizza
chicken chilli basil with rice
This weeks plan

Apricot chicken and veges
Red chicken curry
Beef casserole
Tuna bake
Bacon and egg pie and veg
Beef and hokkien noodle stir fry
Honey bbq Cook in bag chicken and veg
Beef stroganoff and mash

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

Corned beef with white sauce, cauliflower cheese, corn, boiled veg tonight, when hubby gets home at stupidly late o'clock (... can you tell I'm hungry??) - I was really craving this after Streetlights mentioned it a few days ago... then my mum randomly came by this morning with all the makings on a tray!?!?! Psychic. She breezed in and said 'I brought you dinner, you just have to heat it all up'. Best. Visitor. Ever. grin

Meals I'll actually cook (oh, the hardship):
lamb korma with microwave pappadums
chicken fajitas (the old el paso meal kit ones)
chicken kievs & veg (lazy day treat)
... toasted sandwiches/eggs on toast/spag bol or soup or casserole from the freezer.

Can you please come and cook at my house! I do not have a meal plan for that night let alone the week unsure

Aww, I so would!

Took me abit of effort to get into a good habit of sticking to meal plans. But it makes things alot easier. Especially when you can doublebatch & freeze meals for after the new baby's born.
I was looking on healthy food digest,sorry hope I said that right they have lots of healthy cheap meals I tryed out chicken loaf balls the other night.Were cheap to make and tasty with some relish,500g chicken mince,1 ts tomato paste,1 cup of bread crumbs,2 3rds a cup of fresh herbs I used coriander and parsley,half an onion and thats it roll them in balls in a muffin tin on 180 bake for 30-35 minutes and serve with whatever you like I used mashed potatoes and relish and stir fry vegies was yummy.Chicken nibbles with roasties and salad,stir frys,mince on toast,quiche,home made dressed pies,macarroni and cheese,stuffed potatoes,home made chicken pizzas with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
Last night was home made hamburgers, tonight dinner at Mum and Dads, Tuesday will probably be wraps, then a stir fry, then pork steaks and vegies. Not very exciting this week.

Lamb chops and veg
Pork belly
Spaghetti and meatballs
chicken drumsticks and salad
Beef casserole (slow cooker) with coucous
Taco wraps
Fish and salad with baked potato
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