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Puff pastry - What can I make??? Lock Rss

beef & veg triangles? just need mince, a can of condensed vegetable soup, pastry & sesame seeds if u have them.
We just made cottage pie, use the pastry on the base and side and put mash on top! We are also being naughty and having cookie and cream ice cream

sausage rolls.

If you have any like of leftovers you can make little parcels with leftovers in the middle.

I also like Chicken parcels. (cut pastry into 1/4)
Lay each 1/4 in a muffin tin.
Layer - sweet chilli sauce, a few cut up bits of chicken, mixed herbs, a few baby spinach pieces and some grated cheese (mozarella is good)
Fold pastry over the top and secure with egg or milk
sprinkle sesame seeds on top

we make savoury triangles on a fairly regular basis and vary the fillings with whatever we have already. We usually have spinach and fetta (with chicken if we have it) or if we have left over casserole/stir fry etc we just cook up some rice, mix it through and use that as the filling. smile

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