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who has one? what do you use it for? do you still love it?

food processor died and I am trying to decide what to replace it with....
Can't tell you too much about it - but my sister does have one. She loves it and uses it most days. Great for white sauces and different things like that where you don't have to be constantly standing. Times when I've been at her house and she's used it, I've actually found it a bit noisy for my liking. She goes onto their forum/website called quirky cooking and finds new recipes for it. She got it as a surprise for her birthday last year, so had it almost a year now & it still hasn't lost it's "novelty".
I have one the main reason why i brought one 2 or so years ago was my son had severe allergic reactions to foods so i had tp start making all his food from scratch.
I use it for everything. Its basically every kitchen appliance in one machine, most deff worth the money. And it cuts the time of cooking in half.
Also makes my cooking taste good now haha theres plenty of websites with recipes so you are never sort on anything to cook. smile


My sil loves hers. Also has a very food sensitive child. She makes all her own sugars from raw (castor, icing), now she makes almond meal, etc... Also all the cooked and cool meals are awesome. Have you gone to a presentation. It's worth it. If I could afford it I'd be all over it. And I live with my ma & dad and they are old school.
thats good to know! I went to a demo a few years ago out of interest. I thought it was amazing but I didn't particularly want one as I love the cooking process and I want my kids to having cooking as part of their life while they are growing up. I try to make all our food from scratch but lately I am just not getting the time at all. At the start of last year I borrowed my friends spare thermomix for a week to give it a run. It was great and did the sort of stuff I was after, but I didn't feel I needed one enough to buy one - especially given I had the food processor. However since then, life has been topsy tuvy and I find myself saying this would be much easier in TM or if I had a TM I could do this....Now that my food processor has died, I do need to replace it but thermomixes are just so expensive!! we are pretty frugal through necessity so I am genuinely having trouble knowing if I can justify it or not. Lol. I am probably just a coward with anything more then $200....

I would not be using it for meals so much as sauces, jams, curds, bread, grinding spices, making curry pastes, soups, kneading, chopping large quantities of dates and I can see the stuff like making meals in a hurry, sorbets, custard etc would be a total advantage as I am so time poor at the moment. Last summer a lot of my produce went to waste as I just didn't get the time to do anything with it - I thought maybe the TM might help me out in that regard....

Really appreciating your comments! xxx
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