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Recipe request for dairy snack - like Yogo Rss

Hi all, does anyone have a good recipe for a dairy snack (like Yogo, etc) that I can make. After a dairy snack other than yogurt/cheese/milk that I can make for something different for my toddler. The store ones have a lot of sugar I think so I'd like to make my some money too!

Carina, NSW

what about making yur own custard? you dont have to add any sugar if you want or little as. or add some puree fruit for a natural sweetner.
and i remember my mum making something called a junket??
thanks all, have made some custard with store bought custard powder and it went down quite well! I remember using junket at school in home economics, had a quick look in the supermarket but couldn't see it...will keep looking.
thanks again!

Carina, NSW

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