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Hello, I have really low iron levels at the moment and was just wondering if anyone could help. I love spinach in things but don't know how to buy it, cook it and would love some yummy recipes if you would be willing to share!! Thank You

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I have low iron levels and have been told to increase my red meat intake as well as green leafy vegetables. I have placed some recipes in the April Recipe of the Month that are tasty. I have also learnt to cook the perfect steak which makes it easier to eat red meat (I usually don't eat steak but have done some experimenting to get it right). If you don't want to bother making cheese and spinach rolls you can buy them in the freezer section of Woolworths and they are yummy. Another easy tasty thing to do with spinach is to put it on home made pizza's or cooking the spinach with onion, chilli and butter to give it a different twist. I have also tried baking spinach with different spices and a little butter. I have been eating these things for 3 weeks and I feel heaps better with more energy, I can't believe the difference. Cashews are good and so are corn flakes.
My son is also low in iron ... my doctor said to make things with mince meat so I get half a kg of mince and cook it up and then seperate it into different meals ... he loves food and isn't fussy at all so I make things like lasagnes, curried mince and vegies, chilli, savory mince and vegies ... I freeze them in serving size portions and heat one up for dinner each night ... the other thing to do is give them Orange Juice with dinncer as the vitamin C helps absord the iron.

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