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6 months old and a sweet tooth Lock Rss

Hi there i was just wondering if anyone have a recipe i can cook up for my 6 month old, who is such a sweet tooth, but minus the fats and sugars..??

He also isnt really into veggies i try every night but always turns to the good old custard instead as again he is a little sweet tooth. Any help??


Hi Simmone, Gemma was and still almost is the same! When I started to feed her solids she really only liked her fruit. I found sweet potato and butternut pumpkin was really good for vegies, as they are both quite sweet veges. I then started to add in a potato, carrot, zuchini, very small bits to start off with though, so as not to change the flavour all in one great hit. I also found adding a little bit of pureed apple or pear into the vegie mix made her eat it.
Gemma is now one and still very much the same. I have got her eating vegies and fruit separate now though! Now I just have to battle the meat thing, as she wont have a bar of that......

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