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feeling tired and 'neutral' Lock Rss

Hey ladies,
Im just wondering if any others are feeling like this.
I feel so tired and vague I think theres something wrong.
I find sometimes I look at my baby and feel 'neutral'...I do love him...but I feel that I dont really get to enjoy him being a single mum and having to do every thing myself.
I think Im just having a bad day as its usually not to bad...but Im always feeling vague and ditsy..does anyone else feel this?
Im hoping maybe its just a vitamin deficiency or somthing simple and not pnd.

TIA for your suggestions

Mum of 4 month old bubby boy
Hi there,
I know what you mean - I love my little angel to bits but at times i could gladly strangle her, and other times I worry that I don't love her enough.
I'm a single mum too, Maya will be 1 this month and her dad and I split up when she was 3 mths old.
Don't panic too much about not loving baby enough - sometimes its hard to explain the complete and uter devotion that exists between mother and child, but it's alwaysthere. Maya has been quite sick in her first year and that has pushed me to both extremes - where I've been so tired I couldn't even look at her, and when I've been so worried about her that I feel physical pain.
Enjoy bubs, and think about all the great things you have to look forward to - rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking, and the best of all, when he says 'Mum' for the first time (I cried my eyes out LOL

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I'm not a single parent but I am a SAHM of 4 children which brings it's own set of challenges. I have felt like that at some time or another. At the moment I'm pretty vague and find it hard to string 2 words together, probably because I'm so switched on all the time that my poor old mind needs a break from time to time.

I also think that we all have mild depressive times...may not be the full blown PND but if left alone it can easily develop into PND.

My advice to you is to start taking a multi-vitamin for a start adn see if that starts helping, and try to get out with other people as much as you can. Join a playgroup and/or mothers group, you'd be amazed at how many mothers feel as you do and may help to ease your mind a bit.

Also if you do start thinking that you are developing PND...see your doctor as quickly as possible so as to catch it before it gets to the point that you have to take meds for it.

Hope this helps

Desiree, Qld

Hi ashmummy, I felt like this for the first 6 months. Then all of a sudden it was like coming out of a cloud and everything seemed so much clearer, things just clicked. It has to be hard on your own. My mother is very ill, I dont have a sister, my in laws live a long way away and my husband is a 24hr 7day a week shift worker who also plays semi professional sports. I felt all alone and like no one understood. My life had changed so much. Not that I was a big party animal or anything but I was very independant. I was 34 when my son was born and had worked all my life so I also had to get use to surviving on someone elses money. I really felt at times that I had lost myself and was so trapped. I used to question what on earth I had done etc...........So many people say how they just felt this instant love for their baby but it took my ages to even comprehend this was MY baby. I guess the best way to explain this is I couldnt get my head around the big lump in my tummy was now the baby in my arms. It was like I went to the hospital (like a pet shop) and my son was there and I picked him up??? Now the ditsy thing is also very common. It starts during pregnancy and for some reason doesnt fix itself for a while. A friend once told me when they take the placenta they also take some of your brain!!! That was her excuse anyway.
Having a baby is such a huge thing to go through. You cant even imagine what has just happened to your body and I wouldnt doubt you would be run down and very tired. A new baby is a lot of work especially on your own!!!Dont be too hard on yourself and tried to get some sort of break from the baby even if only for an hour. Do you have a friend who could come over and watch the baby while you sleep? What about a mum or sister. Dont do what I did and be afraid to ask for help. I was so paranoid people would think I was a bad mother and look down on me when in reality they have all been there and know what I was going through. A good sleep can do wonders.
If you have a good Doctor it wouldnt hurt to make an appointment with them and discuss what you are feeling. PND is as common as a cold and is no reflection on you, it is all about hormones which are raging at the moment. I also want to congratulate you on asking these questions. Talking and communication is what life is all about and asking how other feel or felt is the best place to start. I have no doubt there will be a few people who can read this post and relate to what we are saying. I wish I know about this post at the time I was going through it all. Thank you!!!
I love my son to bits and he is my favourite thing in the world but I sometimes get the neutral thing too. It's only happened a couple of times but both were after extreme days where he wouldn't sleep and was rejecting the breast too. For me it's almost as though it's a shut down to give my emotions a break. I am a single mum too and sometimes it feels as though things never end and all those little things seem to go wrong on the day that bubs is not feeling his best.

I also suffer the vagueness and asked my mum about it. She reckons it's because we are so focused on our children that the rest of life is a blur and when we have to converse, somewhere in our head we are still thinking 'Three hours till the next feed, have to hang out the washing, need to mop the floor and so on'. I think this is also why time seems to go extra fast now I'm a mum.

If you're really worried there are the help lines available. I have found the Nursing Mothers really helpful and understanding.

I wish you all the best.
Thanks for the reassurance Tanith, Calebsmum, Mumsy and Emmylou.
I went to the doctors and he is doing a blood test..all signs are pointing to.....hormones all over the place and not enough sleep!!!
geee wizz i wonder how that could
I am so glad to hear you took yourself off to see a Dr. It takes more guts to do that then just pretending everything is fine and avoiding it. I hope things are looking up for you in no time. Just remember little steps and one day at a time. Being a mother is very demanding and doing it on your own must be very hard. As you know being a mother also has its benefits and we wouldnt change a thing. It does get easier as they get older. Take care!!!
feeling tired and neutral................ wow what an understatment

for the past 6wks i have felt like this. up until tuesday just gone

all the haze lifted and i even have a smile on my face. smile

i got my period back for the first time so i am putting all my moods down to hormones

and if u dont feel like talking to anybody write yourself a letter and start it off by writing ..I feel like this because...............
and keep writing. then read it in a couple of days time when your mood is different and u will probly even laugh at stuff u write down
it works for me anyway.......

i have filled 5 a4 size journal books over the past 10yrs. i'm guna leave them for my kids to read when they get bigger. they can see how nutty i was in my youth hahahaha!!! tongue

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

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