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at the moment all my son jordan ever seems to watch is monsters inc, blues clues and hi 5 all day long and doesnt want to watch ne thing else it drive me insane one day he watched monsters inc 5 times. doesnt ne 1 else child seem to be doing the same thing at all?
my son isn't really into movies but Nick Jr is pretty much on all day. I dont really look at the clock anymore as I can tell the time by what show is on!!! Ive tried him with some of the other channels esp boomerang (so I can watch too) and he just isn't interested.

I tried to watch the scrapbooking show the other day and what a tantrum there was.

Hubby is slowly getting Bennett into the footy lol

HAHA that sounds like all my bub does is watch tv - he doesn't I promise smile


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

my little boy whatches this land i think its called that anyway..... its a cartoon some company released when bush was first running for president, my husband downlowed it off the net, its really funny........ he also loves high5 the wiggles and the bear in the big blue house.

Rochelle, mother of 2

In my house it's not a normal day if we don't watch at leat 2 or 3 of the following... Hi 5, Wiggles, Bear in the Big Blue House, Bob The Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, Play School, Bambaloo, Play House Disney, What's in the Box or a movie such as Care Bears, Wiggles, Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, My little pony... and the list goes on.

If a certain DVD is getting watched to death I tell my 2 littlies that daddy is going to borrow it so he can watch it at work, and they see him leave with it... LOL the DVD stays in the car and gets forgotten about for the day.

Things we do hey...? LOL wink


P.S. My kiddies don't watch tv all day either... but it sure sounds like it hey? tongue
my 4 year old thrives on the disney channel everyday and she will argue to get it on also, most days the kids win the tv.
my 2yr old daughter was born with downsyndrome and is absolutely wrapped up in the wiggles, dorothy being her favourite. Her all time favourite wiggles cd is the wiggles movie regardless of any other wiggles cd i may offer her it always ends up being the wiggles movie that she falls asleep to.

Joy...NSW...mum of 3G's

toy story 1 &2 anything that i have borrowed from the library get a good workut atm its miffy & banansa in pajamas

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

None as i don't let her, she's 21 months, no movies or telly during the day as i actually spend time with her playing and doing things. And i have two younger and am pregnant again, so I have many many other things to do, but i figure as i am a SAHM i may as well do my job properly. The TV in my house is not a babysitter.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

I watched the 'Goodbye Song' on Bear today with the midset of a young childs funeral. OMBG get the tissues, the tears were streaming down my face something cronic(sp).
I'm a bit over Wiggle Bay atm. A few weeks ago it was the one with Steve Irwin. Its cute now when Liam sees anything wiggl;es he will say "Wigga wigga' or do the toot toot sounds for big red car.
Maybe he watches it too much but how else do I get him quiet whilst I settle his 2 month old sister.

And for the know alls it works in our house, so I won't stop it!

member since 2004

We have a new favourite in our house now. DS got the Wiggles TV series on DVD for Christmas and he loves it to bits, as do I. Over 5 and a hald hours of wiggles spread over 3 dvds. Its better than the other dvds for sure.
He has actually learnt words from it which I'm very happy with.
Today I gave him a wiggles yogurt for morning tea which had a picture of dorothy on it. When I asked his who it was I expected him to say 'Wiggle' instead he said 'Dor-ty'.
Happy tv viewing youngsters.

member since 2004

My older boys are into Daddy Day Care with Eddie Murphy. It's such a cool movie that I love it too, but after it's been played from morning till night it kinda gets on your nerves when I know everything that's going to happen and the boys know when and how to jump, fart, scream and yell at the appropriate times.

Gotta love them though when they sing the song "put the lime in the coconut".

Hi. My nearly 2 son watches Finding Nemo ENDLESSLY!!! I know all the words to that movie now. My husband calls me a freak!! Also Tarzan. He loves the monkeys!!! I have tried introducing him to Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. for something different but he just want Nemo.

3 boys, 2 girls

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