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I woke up suddenly at 3.15am Monday 25th April with sharp pains in my stomach, I was 42 weeks pregnant. I got up and went to the toilet then tried to go back to sleep but the pain was constant so I woke Aaron my fiancée up I told him I think I was in labour but I wasn’t sure and he got me a hot water bottle to help with the pain. Aaron’s sister Cherie was up from Melbourne till Monday night, Cherie heard us walking about and talking so she got up and I told her that I was in labour, Cherie was very happy that the baby was coming before she goes back to Melbourne.
All morning the pains were getting stronger and faster, I spoke to the midwife on the phone and she told me to stay at home for as long as possible, so we all went for a walk to take my mind off the pains.
At 8am my water broke, I rang the hospital again and told them what was happening the midwife said stay at home and don’t come in for a while, so we stayed at home just waiting till it was time but the contractions died off they were getting weaker throughout the day, so I rang the hospital to see if this was normal and it was.
Cherie had to leave the house around 4.40pm to go to the airport, she left very upset as the baby hadn’t come yet.
My friend rang me and I told her that I was in labour and explaining everything that was happening, she told me I should go to the hospital, Aaron and I were very unsure when to go to the hospital as we lived a fair way from the hospital, so my friend came over and drove us to the hospital.
We arrived there about 6pm the midwife checked to see how dilated I was and at that stage I was 4cm, I was so happy that the baby was coming tonight as it was Anzac day. So I settled into the birth suite and I went for walks and had some food, the pain was getting stronger so at 10.30pm I started taking the gas, then a few hrs later I couldn’t bear the pain anymore so I had the pethidine, which I thought would help but to my knowledge it slowed down the contractions.
Aaron was very supportive and helped me through this hard time, my blood pressure went up very high so the doctors came in at midnight to see how dilated I was and I was the same 4cm.
The doctor said I had two options either have an epidural to speed things up or you can keep going how you are, I discussed this with Aaron and we both said enough was enough labour was going on far to long, as it was 12hrs after I started my contractions, so I had the epidural around 3am Tuesday morning and I had a sleep so did Aaron . I woke up around 8.20am and the midwife said she will check me at 9am, so the midwife came back and said I was fully dilated.
The midwife left the room again then came back after talking to a doctor to see what I should do, as my blood pressure was still up, they said I can start pushing the baby was coming, I was so happy to hear that so I started pushing around 9.30am.
Aaron was by my side when I was pushing, I couldn’t feel anything and I felt like I was using all my energy and nothing was coming, so I asked the midwife for a mirror so it could help me push the baby out, that was the most amazing experience to see him come into this world.
Aaron and I were so happy as our beautiful baby boy Izacc arrived 31 hours later at 10.14am Tuesday 26th April.
I had a 36 hr labour. and it was the most painful experiance of my life.but it produced a healthy 7lb9oz beautiful baby boy on my due date24/02/05

vicky, S.A 6mth baby

my first labour was 46 hours and i produced a beautiful 7lb 6 girl

and my second labour was only 7 hours and had a 9lb 14 girl

both were completely different experiences

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

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