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i can sympathise with u.. sometimes it is the same with me and my huby and i find after a few drinks it sometimes comes out and he tells me what is wring. mostly its that I dont have the house superclean when he gets home but he can get stuffed, i ahve 2 kids to look fater, if he iant happy ith that he can hire a maid, i'm his wife. lol
But we do talk sometimes and most of the time he wont talk to me and he picks on me to tajke out his frustrations whch hurts more...

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I certainly can! I'm the same about arguing, I just can't do it. I find a lot of time I round about apologise for what has happened, even tho it isn't me in the wrong! I cant go to sleep angry either, or it just festers there and I get no sleep what so ever. Usually I say to DH, look I'm sorry if that is how it has made you feel, but this is where I was coming from. A few times he wont listen to me and tells me to [email protected] off, till he is calm enough to talk again. Funny tho, when the tables are turned and he apologises, I have to accept straight away, or else I am an unforgiving bit#h!! LOL! They say us women are hard to understand - I reckon they need to listen to themselves sometimes! I bet 90% of women would love their partners to spend a few days in their shoes.
All said and done, my DH is lovely, and we only argue a here and there, like any good marriage!

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oops Maria I just found this thread, sorry. After chatting the other night I should have thought to tell you this. Somtimes after making sure the kids are OK you have to be selfish and do something for YOU! I know you said dh works long hours etc, but maybe if you could arrange when he's home sometime (or even during the week when the older ones are at school) to have them watched for a few hours so you can get out and do something by yourself. I got to do that last Friday and I loved it. Drove with the windows down, music up, did some shopping and had coffee with a friend. I felt rejuvinated by the time I got home and we had take away that night. grin oh the only instruction I left was that dh was not allowed to be grumpy when I got home!

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