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Sex of Baby - Right or Wrong? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just a question for those who found out the sex of their baby prior to its birth:- did they get the sex right?

We were told we were having a boy and that was right - a beautiful bouncy baby boy!

My cousin was advised she would be having a girl and she did.

My sister-in-law was informed she was having a boy and surprised us all when it turned out to be a boy.

I haven't really heard other stories about the sex being diagnosed wrongly - just interested in how common it is that the sex is right or wrong.

Luckiest Mum In The World


We were told at our 19 wk scan that we were having a boy and the Dr was right.
All our family and friends kept saying 'what if they got it wrong??' (we were buying lots of boys clothes etc). It was starting to annoy and worry me so I asked my Ob 'is it still a boy??' about 8 times ! hehehe ! I think i drove him nuts in the end.

I've only heard of one girl that got told she was having a girl and she had a boy...but i don't really know her well, she's a friend of a friend.

My sister-in-law and brother know that they are having a girl in Feb 06.

We were glad we found out. We don't think it took anything away from the excitement of it all. But in saying that, it is definately a personal choice to find out the sex or wait till the birth smile
Each to their own...



We found out at our 19 week scan! We had to ask and he didn't sound very convincing but we soon realised we weren't going to get any more reassurances. He said it would be a funny looking girl so from that we gathered we were having a boy!

When Brayden was born, I had to ask if bub was a boy because we had bought most things blue!!! A healthy baby boy!!

I like the idea of it being a surprise but I am rather impatient so I don't think I can wait 9 months!! It does make shopping easier...

Everyone I know who have found out have been told correctly and when it's not been clear, they were told that.

Bye for now!

Hello... when I had my little girl Tahlia I was told that she was going to be a boy right or wrong. They were very adamant that she was a boy. And what do you know?? She turned out to be a girl!!!

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

I had a feeling with all four of mine and I was right, we found out for sure with the last 3 and they were right, but you do hear of stuff ups.

Belinda,Qld,3 children(1 in heaven)

Hi SAJ, at our 20 week scan (couldn't get an appointment) I could tell that Benjamin was Benjamin because of working in the medical industry and being able to read scans etc.
We asked for the OB to write down the sex of the baby for us as we where still undecided to find out or not. We walked out of the clinic, grabbed a cold drink and ripped open that envelope faster than a bullet. The look on my husband's face was priceless. We to started purchasing clothes and toys and decorated Benjamin's room and as per usual others where saying what if they are wrong. So we showed them the dvd of the ultrasound and nothing more was said after that.
I do believe that is a personal preference to find out or not. We did and told the world. Four other friends where also pregnant around the same time as us and all where correct. Two boys and two girls. But then we have other friends who have decided to keep it a surprise and we have to wait until Valentines Day to find out.
With all our family and friends the OB has been correct except for one where she was told it was ONE boy and there ended up being TWO boys, but that was a nice surprise.

Benjamins Mum

Everyone had me convinced we were having a boy. We asked the sonography at 16weeks (we thought we were 18wks) and she told us it was a girl. We then asked the other guy who comes in to double check everything and he said girl as well. We went back for another scan at 20weeks to check the dates and she told us again it was a girl. Only then did we tell people. They were right though, it was a girl grin .
Hi Saj when I was pregnant with my daughter we had choice to wait til the baby was born but than I decided I cant wait to the birth so I did ask but her legs were up and in the way so we didnt found out til she was born but that was okay the surprise was better than I could imagine.

One of our friends found out what they were having and they said it was a boy and when they finally had the baby it wasnt a boy it was a GIRL so the professional got it WRONG big time but they a happy with their daughter anyway.

But I think its up to the parents to be if they want to know what they a having just dont tell anyone and keep it to yourself til bubs is born.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09


I found out with both of mine. Kieran was first and you could really see when they pointed it out at my five month scan he was a boy. They would not give me 100 percent as they said they dont with boys but do give deffinates with girls.
Then with Holly I had a 3D scan and they told me she was a girl. They did tell me they were still making mistakes with telling people that they were having a boy - due to the umbilical cord - and some were actually born girls. I was lucky as there was no cord in the way either time.

Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05

i also found out the sex with my last 2 bubs and they were both right, i thank god they were with my 3rd bubs because i went crazy on girls clothes ,but i did have my sister on standby to exchange everything just in case they were wrong but thankfully they wernt a healthy baby girl was born. can u imagine the rushing around changing everything too the opposite sex if they were wrong wat a nitemare that would be.

lisa & 1 yr old daughter from vic

hey saj,

its does happen both ways with alot of people i had my first child and they said it was a girl and they were right its was a girl. You sould try the ring test the next time you or know someone prego i did and it told me i was haveing a girl before they even told us

my sister-in-law they said that she was haveing a boy and they were pretty sure about that but when the baby arrived it was a baby girl.

so they dont always tell u the right sex of they baby there only takeing a guess till they really know what the sex of it is
at my first scan at 20 weeks we asked and she said she said its a girl but only 60% sure.

had another scan at 34 weeks and was told it was deffinatly a girl.

and she was a girl! smile

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