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Gallstones / Gallbladder removal Lock Rss

hi ladies

just wondering if anyone has had gallstones or their gall bladder removed. i got gallstones a week after my caesar and it was hell!!! i ended up having my gallbladder removed through keyhole surgery a week after that !!! that was hell too.. just interested in your stories..

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

I had my gallbladder removed about two years ago (3 months after DS was born)by keyhole surgery. I had been diagnosed with gallstones and finally booked for surgery through the public heatlh system when I found out I was pregnant and had to postpone. Funnily enough I found the stitches from the gallbladder surgery were worse than the caesarean scar! Go figure! The only problem I have now is when I eat anything really fatty (as the function of the gallbladder is to assist in absorbing the fat in the diet). When I eat fatty stuff (fast food, chips, lasagne etc), I need to be in the vicinity of a toilet, cause the fat seems to just go straight through. My sister-in-law has the same problem since her gallbladder removal (but she also has issues with full cream dairy products too). Sorry if this has been a little too much information, but hopes it helps.

James' Mum

Hi there all you poor buggers with prgnancy related gall bladder problems.

I just found this post today. I had started one my self on this topic a couple of days ago (see gall bladder problems and pregnancy?) and was surprised to not only get a response but to get one within hours and now I find this post with all of you having had the same issues.

Funny thing is the Doc's had trouble working out what I had and then told me it wasn't something that happened often. I tend to disagree lokking at how many people on parents exchange seem to have come across it. Well anyway I have decided that if some of the pregnancy books had a mention of it you would be less likely to think you were going to die when it first happens. Maybe we can get Huggies to run an article on it on there site?????

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

I haven't had this but a girlfriend did.
She was rushed to hospital on boxing day with a suspected heart attack.
Turned out to be gall stones.
Very scary!

tired and feeling old

Just wondering if any of you had bad morning sickness??? I was really bad and now I am starting to think maybe it was part of the gall bladder issue.

I lost 8 kilos by the time I was 22 weeks pregnant as the only thing I could keep down for weeks was Heinz apple baby food. We worked out I was pregnant when I was only a few weeks because I ewas so sick the doc had told me to hang in there at 12 weeks it would get better and guess what it got worse. I missed so much work and for some reason it was even worse again if I got up before 6am. I just read in one of the posts that someone's fried had trouble with lettuce setting off there gallbladder and lettuce was one of the things that made me morning sick instantly.

Also did anyone have trouble with eggs bringing on an attack? I have eaten a few since my gall bladder issues started but I had quiche for lunch and had bad pain last night after having no attacks for a few weeks. Still thinking I might refuse surgery until after bub if weaned as I am not willing to stop feeding yet and it sounds like it is hard to keep it up after op with all the pain relief etc.

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

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