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I love reading how people name their children!
I knew I was having a girl so I made a list of names, but didn't really like any of them particularly. then I was reading some poems by my favorite poet Maya Angelou and I suddenly decided to name my daughter Maya (pronounced Mya)after her (I am a writer too). As soon s I decided this bubs started kicking so I knew it was the right name for her. Maya means 'my people, our people' which I thought was nice since she is half cast (her father is Maori I am NZ Irish)I chose Grace for a middle name coz I iked it and she often gets called Maya Grace even tho it's not hyphenated. She also has a Maori middle name that her father picked Te Irirangi Marama which means the point where heaven and earth meet. So her full name is Maya Grace Te Irirangi Marama Davis (she has her dad's surname, I was going tohyphen both our surnames but her name is long enough already!)

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Maya's dad's name is William but he has always been called Willie. he says his mother nicknamed him that. I think Willie is cute on a boy but funny on a grown man, but it just stuck to him somehow

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

I have a niece whose name is Emilee Gael. They like Olyvia but my SIl's mum didn't. The also have Ronin Peter. Peter is his dad's name and her stepfather's middle name.

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well i have 3 boys my eldest i named harry because when i was pregnant my mumwas calling everyone harry and it stuck as a good name. my second son i named noah as he nearly died when he was born and my youngest is orlando as i saw the name at the doctors and really liked it. i find it fustrationg but as everyone says i named them after actors or movies. i also get critacised because i gave my youngest son a long name orlando zebastion nathenial christopher but they all have a meaniung and people don't understan. does any one else have this problem.

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I say, name your baby what you want, afterall it is your bub.

We had twins in May and found out at 18wks we were having a boy and a girl so we searched books, internet trying to find a name for each.

We chose Luca for a boy but then at birth we decided on just Luke and his middle name is my dads name William. (Luke William)

For our little girl we couldn't decide and finally a week before they were born we came up with Rhiarna Grace. I liked Rhiannon and hubby liked Yana and our friends name is Marie and all her neices and nephews call her aunty Ree and hubby really liked that so that's how we got Ree-yana which we spelt Rhiarna.
Grace is after my mum even though it's not her name, we played the song Amazing Grace at her funeral and we thought it was amazing that we were having twins and we called our little girl our little amazing so thats how she got her name.

Thought I would also share my neices name, I think it's so beautiful (She's 21 now).
Ashka Isabel Rose Martin.


My sons name is William Jack. I loved the name Jack but I thought it was abit popular.. and I just love the name William, it is a family name, but hasn't been used for the last hundred years. I chose William Jack just because I liked it...

William is going to be shortened no matter what..I call my son William, /william Jack or sometimes Billy, but I do prefer William. It was commented on the other day by a lady at the doctors, she said that it was nice to hear me call me son by his full name and not shortend.

If I had a girl I would have called her Olivia Rose or Abbey Jennifer, Jennifer was my mums name who died when I was 1 years old, and I would love to have used her name, hopefully I will have a girl in the future and I will still be able to use her name.

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I actually named my son after the Ambulance Officer that took me to the hospital. I had no idea I was pregnent until I was admitted to hospital. By then there was only 10 minutes before he was born - big shock! I'm single so had no clue what to name my son. I thought for about 4 days before I remembered the Ambo's name and I liked it so my son is now named in his honor.

suprised mum

hi!my names aj(amanda-Jane) i have a 5month old little girl named kailey, which, my partner and i made up from kayla and hailey, because i couldnt decide on either of them. i was certain i was having a boy and we had joshua simon picked out, as we too have the tradition in both our families, of using the father of the childs first nameas there second.
we have recently found out the meaning of kailey, and it is a spot on desciption of her now!


i have heard lots of unusual names over the years and am constantly looking at credits, etc even though i may not have any more children! i have a friend who i adore and she has 7 boys!!! their beautiful names are: Calin; Liam; Brodan; Geran; Lachlan; Maddoc; & Severn. as you can probably tell, they have gone with a welsh theme and i think they have chosen gorgeous names! all the middle names are simple, "normal" names (as are my own, if you've read my previous post). their last boys name is pronounced like the number "7". it really suits him....7 is definitely his lucky number!!! it was said as a joke at the beginning of the pregnancy that they would just have to name him "number 7" if they couldn't agree on a name...but it was discovered that there is a river running through wales that is called the " severn". after that, it just stuck! he was (their) 7th boy, born at 7am on the 7th of november in ward 7. 7 has continued to crop up and feature in his life since then and we realized just the other day, that he will begin school in the year 2007!!! tongue

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld


When it came to choosing my kids names, i didnt actually think of their meanings, Just names i liked and sounded Strong. with My first My partner wanted Jarvis Aaron Tyler (we knew we were having a boy), but when he was born, he changed the name to Tyler Aaron, becuase Jarvis just didnt seem to suit him. I then discovered it was one of the more common names for the time.

With my second my dad and i chose the name, I had a choice between Caiden connor, Or Zachary Connor, (also knew it was a boy) I chose zachary Connor because i belive Zaach is a nice strong masculine name that comes and goes in and out of fashion, silly me didnt realsie that is more in than out of fashion atm LOL (strike two)

With Baby number 3, i had always wanted the Name of Jordan, but since my cousin had named their son Jordan i hadnt used it previously, but this time (after discussions with my grandmother) I had chosen Jordan Thomas, another what i considered Nice strong name. (also knew i was having another boy).

While i was in labour i was joking with my aunt and said on the off chance its a Girl i will call her Catherine, a nice strong yet feminie name. Never thought id get to use it tho LOL.

Well just a few mins after bub was Born my aunt gasped It's a Girl, even though i was intotal shock, i knew her name intstantly, Catherine Rose (rose was my grandmothers name and she passed away when i was 6 months pregnant smile

I dont usually belive in Naming after family members but in this case It jsut seemed so fitting all round, and boy oh boy is she living upto her names *grin*

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

when i met my partner 2 years ago, we often joked about names for "our kids", joshua simon( fathers name as a second name , runs through both our families!) and hailey jane or kayla alice( alice being my late granmothers name, and jane being half my name). when we found out i was pregnant, late last year, we already had names picked out, and we were certain it was a boy, didnt really think any more about the girls name, till a week before i was due, i decided i didnt like hailey or kayla anymore, so with time running out, we come up with kailey jane. i too was suprised to find out it was a girl, and strangly enough, found myself saying, its a girl? its a girl??? my labour plan, went out the door, when i went into labour in the bathroom of the maternity ward, had my 8p 11oz baby girl on the bathroom floor, with just a midwife and my wonderful man there! pretty scary!!!!
any way, we named her kailey jane, kailey meaning, famous, pure maiden, crowned with laurel
leaves.logical, clear thinker, intelligent, assertive and spunky lady, an energetic person, that can turn dust into gold(we hope so, would be great) once seen, never forgotten. how sweet, and its sooo true!


I should say the reason catherin came as a suprise was that the scan had told me i was expecting it to be a 3rd boy and i had no reason to doubt it LOL!!

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

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