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My sister was telling me that a week after she had her son (their first child) they went out for dinner. They ate, paid, and left, and got to the end of the road when they suddenly realised that they had left their week old son under the table in his capsule!!!

Anyone with any stories of forgetfullness (it comes with motherhood)?

My Nana was telling us she did something similar with her first born (my Dad). Except she went down to the local store for some groceries, paid for them and then left. Forgetting her baby sitting in his pram. She went running back to get him, he wasn't distressed at all.

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We were all impressed with ourselves on our first outing, to the doctors, thinking we had the baby and a blankie... turns out we forgot the nappy bag! and our daughter pooed... lucky they had spare nappies...

My partner told me when he brought his first son home from hospital ...... he walked out the hospital and popped the boot to put the capsule in the boot ???????? I don't think he'll ever live it down smile

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Hahaha that is funny, my family was really worried about my cousin who forgets alot and though he'd do something like that....But he hasnt.

hey i was reading this thread yesterday and thinking to myself that it would be hard to forget ur child and stuff like that well im here today to say im sorry and ive proved myself wrong! today me and the 2 DD's met a friend for lunch anyway i was leaving and DD1 went to runaway in the middle of the road so i put her in her seat and lent over her and placed DD2 into her seat and strapped DD1 into the seat went and got into the car and drove off about 5 mins into the trip DD1 calls out "ooohhh mummy" i turned around said what and realised i had forgotton to strap DD2 into her carseat i nearlly [email protected]#t myself! i pulled over and fixed it but i just though to myself what if something had happened i would never forgive myself. it goes to show it only takes a second to forget and be distracted. by the way im not telling DP he would have a sook 4 a year!

i have the straps with the carseat things happen when my man has undone it and hasnt told me i nearly died when i realised

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I remember my first ever plane trip with my (then) 5 month old girl. As i had a huge nappy bag packed with ALL the essentials, and my handbag - also packed with all the essentials, my mum was carrying Tahlia to relieve the load on my lower back and shoulder (both injured). I collected the tickets at the check in counter and went and had a quick cuppa before boarding. As we are boarding, mum still has Tahlia. As i approach the boarding gate, I show both tickets to the attendant at the gate, and being at a small airport i start heading towards the plane across the tarmac. All proud that i was going on my first ever holiday alone with my girl, big smile across my face etc ..i get to the plane. Jumping on board i again had to flash my tickets for inspection. The hostess then asks me "wheres the infant?" I was like huh? Then i turn around and here is my mum and the boarding gate attendant waving frantically at me...and Tahlia waving at me too!!!

A very memorial trip to say the least lol

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stepha 20, i did a very similar thing. DD was screaming while i was putting her in the capsule. I managed to get her strapped in and got in the car and drove off. Half way to the doctors i looked in the rearview mirror and realised the strap that holds the capsule in place was slack. I had loosened the strap when putting her in because it was getting in my way and i was unable to see what i was doing.
Needless to say that is the last time that i will ever be losening the strap, it will be staying night and tight from now on. I felt so bad, and freaked so much when i realised what i had done.
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