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my big girl.... Lock Rss

My big girl Ella has recently turned 8 and is beautiful.
She has just started to get into make up and other girlie things and the other day we were going out and she got dressed up (denim skirt, leather boots, nice top, etc) and was looking in the mirror and said "I look older, I think I could pass for 19" and I said "I doubt you could pass for 19 love, I think about 10" and then she replied that the only difference between her being 8 and 19 was the fact that she wouldn't wear pumpkin patch knickers anymore.
I just about popped from laughing so hard!

Kirsten, NZ, Ella 02.10.1997, Gabrielle 20.06.2005

Haha that is cute.
They grow up so fast these days don't they? My little girl is only 15 weeks but I already worry bout when she is older and won't need me as much. You see them today in shops etc and they are like 10 but look and act a lot older and the clothes they wear are so much older...
it scares me
That is gorgeous!

Mia turns one in a couple of weeks and she comes into the bathroom when I am moisturising and climbs my leg, looks up and points her chin to get her face done too!

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