hi on saturday my family went out with my hubbys boss and wife for a boat trip down the river it was a beautiful day my kids had a great time on the boat it was a huge boat and down stairs it was like a caravan which was great because i was able to but my baby on the bed for his nap, we got back to where boss lives and was sitting on boat enjoying view,my youngest child who is 3and half has sitting beside dad dangling feet in water when in a split second slid into the water so very quietly not even a splash luclily my hubby has great reflexes and was able to pull her out and didnt panic,she was fine thankgoodness just gave her a shock of her life and for us it was so scarey it shows u how so careful u have to be with little kids around water watch them every second they are so precious kids are i sure gave us a wake up call with the dangers of water u have to watch them like hawks