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Hi my name is Tania and I have an 8yr old boy and now a 4mth boy! It is such a big age gap and due to being slighly older this time, I feel totally differnt this time round. I'm not sure if its to do with the age of myself, the splitting of just having one son to two, or to the fact that is was such a difficult journey for me to have another child? Just wondering if any other out there know how I feel and can share! Cheers smile
Hi Tania - I have a big age gap between my girls too - my daughter was 8.5 when number 2 was born. I was worried in the beginning whether I had enough to share between two - I knew I'd love them both, but didn't have the foggiest idea how I was going to juggle it and meet the needs of both. Well 17 months down the track the girls have an amazing relationship, not that this will last forever as the little one has almost reached the destruction phase - oh heck I'm fibbing, she has reached it LOL

Dallas, Dunedin, NZ

Hi Tania and kiwitink
I have 3 boys - 9 1/2yrs 6 1/2yrs and nearly 8 months. We hadn't planned number 3.My second had just started school and I was ready to go back to workforce.I had joined full membership at gym and was really enjoying that.I went for a pap smear and found out I was pregnant.
It was a real shock.We went through the stages, shock, bit upset, bit angry but then pregnancy hormones took over and we were totally looking forward to it.
I was nervous as it had been a while since I'd had a little one.Even now there are things Im remembering and still learning.
What worked out well was I was offered work while I was pregnant and I returned to school.I study 4 hrs a week and work 11 hrs (7 flexible).And the chilcare centre is on site so I can see him when he's in there.
The older boys adore him and help me out heaps. When we head off in mornings, they grab his bags and blankets and unlock car.The oldest is now putting him in car seat too.They entertain him all the time.Especially if Im cooking as he's always under my feet now.
Hi Tania, Dallas & SA mum,
Talk about big age gaps! I have a 19y/o, nearly 18y/o, a 13y/o and now a 23 month old. Oldest & youngest are girls with the 2 boys in the midde. I also have an 8y/o step daughter. If it wasn't for a second marriage I don't think I would have travelled down this road again. Having said that I am now thoroughly over the shock of starting all over again & enjoying every second of life with a toddler on the run. It was a huge decision to start again but one that I am glad I made.

Jen, Sydney

I have 6 years between my girls and the reason for that was I was only 19 when I had my first and I had a terrible birth and she was very hypo and I think I was to sceared to go back, but when I finally did I had a easy birth and a quiet little girl so I went back for another 2 1/2 years later and I got a son. It does get easier.
hi Tanya
my son was 17 1/2 yrs old when i had my daughter now nearly 8 months.
it did feel kind of wierd because im 40 now and its sooo different.
i find everything new just like a 1st time mum.
i never intended on having any more children until i met my current partner of 4 yrs,and we didnt plan on it either on having any children me mainly because of fear of childbirth and my partner simply because he didnt want kids.
anyway to make a long story short,my partner now adores our daughter to bits,it amazing how they can change.
i think it was probably as you mention about the difficult journey you had and then trying to adjust with a new baby and sharing your love with your stepson as well.
age comes last lol.
take care hear from you soon

mary.NSW 11 month baby

my boys are close but my sisters and i hve big gaps in age my next sister is 7 yrear younger than me and the youngstis 12 yres younger growing up we were not close but better now as adults

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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