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My toddler has cancer, can anyone relate? Lock Rss

My little boy (3yo) has Leukaemia. I am interested in strategies for toilet training etc considering all that he is going through. He tends to be a little clingy and wants me to lift him up quite a bit...
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OMG - I'm sorry to hear that. How is he doing?

I don't have any suggestions/tips or know of anyone in the same situation.

Maybe next time you see a Dr or specialist for your son ask them if they have any parents in the same situation as you.

Our nearly 3 year old is a diabetic and we've had a hard time with a few of his things - so a few of the Drs we have seen have given us the names and numbers of parents in our area with a diabetic child, so we can talk/vent/relate to someone who knows what we are going through.

Maybe the same thing could work for you.

Good Luck


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are you in NSW? a friend of mine has a 3yo in a similar position, i'd be happy to direct you to her if your interested?

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oh yes! iwas 6 months pregnant when our daughter was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at the age of 2 and a half. I was starting to toilet train her, but decided that that could wait, as their were other things to prioritise. ironicially within a month of starting chemo, she decided that that was it, no more nappies. she was a breeze lol. I decided to let nature take its course in that department, as I didn't want anymore stress on her then what her health was already taking out on her. she was subjected to things I never ever envisaged for my daughter (medical stuff). she had her eye removed and 6 months of chemo and is doing fantabulous. she is almost 2 years out of finished chemo. she is an amazingly articulate and bright child, who is very knowledgable on most things medical lol. its amazing what a toddler can learn when they are faced with it. One thing I will say is never underestimate them. they are fighters. and it is our Kenzie who pulled us through our ordeal. take care xoxox wishing you well. if you feel like emailing [email protected] is us. take care of you xoxox Kel

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cant help with your question but just wanted to say im sorry for what your going through but im sure you will pull through the other side, best of luck.

kakkles, im glad to hear everything is going well.
im so sorry to hear that and sending my bigg huggs. i think if it were me i couldnt put my DS down, id be a pest. best of luck to you with your bub and please keep us posted on their progress? XXX
big hugs to you my daughter was TT when she was diagnosed but with some Chemo she goes back into Nappies At 5 yrs of age as she hates the accidents when they occure... she also wants mummy alot & very clingy
I was in the middle of TT & weaning our 2 yr old but that went out the window. so am just following the childs lead now as to when they do it...

I love the cuddles all the time as they have enough to deal with & are so strong with it too I am in Brissy we moved from NSW & this wqas our welcome to the new state sad... {{hugs}} Again something I would not wish on any mother

Hi there, it's possible my 3 yr old boy has cancer. He's still being tested.

He is toilet trained, but I don't know what will happen with that if he has to undergo chemo. The thing I am most worried about is keeping my family together - how will I be there for my sick 3 yr old, whilst keeping it together for my 18 month old and my husband. I just don't know. Guess we will find out, like a lot of situations in life, you don't think you could manage but when you're actually going through it it's either sink or swim and you really have to cope.

Hope all your little ones are doing ok and you're coping with it all.
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