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I am such a fortunate person, apart from being blessed with my little boy, I also have such amazing friends.
I'm a single mum and I'm all excited that it's my first 'Mothers Day'. Just spending the day with my baby was going to be enough for me, however I have recieved gifts and cards from my baby, thanks to my thoughtful friends who have made it that little more special.
I hope that other single parents have friends like I do.

Cheers Karen.

baby boy, 12/03

Hi, just to let you know that i read your post and thought how sweet!!! Your very lucky to have such thoughtful friends, most people wouldn't even think about doing such a thing.It's great!!


mum of 1

Hi Karen,

What a great friend you have! smile Cherish her/him!

Jo said it all, good on you, you deserve it!



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Thanks Jo and Tepe, I had a great day on Sunday.

I hope your day was special as well!


baby boy, 12/03

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