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Single parent, 5 kids, 1 ADHD, 3 Reflux Lock Rss

Yes I may have my hands full, but I love my life and my lot to bits. I look forward to meeting others in similar situations. BTW my kids are age 16, 14, 8, 4 and 18 mths.

Luv Donna

mum of 5 -

Hi I aslo have 5 kids 4 girls and a boy.

the eldest is 10 and the youngest is 1 in 7 weeks

I am married but would love to chat with others how have large families fell free to contact me on

[email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon
you are doing so well to look after all them look luck to look after themfrom johanne

[email protected] plainland qld

Your doing a great job ,i my self have 2 boys a 10 y.o. also with ADHD a hand ful at good times and a 21 mth old .So i have it easy compared to you .
Keep up the good work and try and take a little time for your self .
Cathy 27 from Melb

cathy vic 20mth boy

hi i to have 5 children two step and three of my own but they all live with me. two of my children have adhd and my youngest has reflux,iron deficiency lactose intolerance asthma and on the 29 of jan hes having tonsills adnoids removed and grommets put in on. so the eldest who isnt mine is nearly 14 his brother is 8 and my children are
6,4 and 15mths so my days are busy but hey thats what us parents have children for all my children have had reflux all a different degree so need a chat i know how you feel

feel free to contact me on msn my address is [email protected]

good luck


(sony) mother and stepmother to five children

Hi Great to see I am not the only mad woman here wink.

Sorry about the lateness of replying, I am and have been unwell for some months. Life kicks you in the backside for running such a hectic life. Thanks all for the pats on the back, at times I just end my day purely exhausted with little energy.

But I am happy no matter what.

mum of 5 -

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