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the friend I don't want anymore Rss

This person I find annoying as she dosen't understand I can't always come to the phone, and when I do I can't speak for an hour like I used to. When baby was a month old I was very tired and this person spent the whole day calling me every 15 minutes ( obsessed or what? ) I knew it was her because of caller ID after telling her I was tired going back to bed and I would call her when I get the chance.
She also has another friend with a baby who she talks about all the time especially how messy her house is, I simply tell her that with a baby cleaning the house is probably not her priority. So if she is talking about this other person to me she is probably saying the same about me, so I no longer find her trustworthy and don't enjoy her company and want to know how to get rid of her without being offensive. So far over the last week every time she calls I tell her I have my hands full and I'm busy in the hope she will get bored of me and leave me alone.......
Has anyone else had to dump a friend? and how did you do it?

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hi, I would invest in an answering machine, so you can listen to the messages and screen them! If this isn't possible you could always say that there is someone at the door when she rings. Or even tape your baby crying and play it when she rings, therefore giving you an easy exit! This person sounds a bit thick to me. She obviously wants you to remain the same person you were prior to having your bub, we all know that this just doesn't happen! And your probably right in saying she'll be talking behind your back, you don't need people like this in your life!

mum of 1

ring her as she is about to walk out the door to work etc

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

...maybe you could explain to this person that your life has changed now that you have a bub and you don't have the spare time that you used to have. Otherwise I would suggest when you and bub are resting take the phone off the hook (I used to) and tell this so called friend you will call her when you have the time... just keep busy and I am sure she/he will get the hint.

hi im aj! im 21 and have a 5mth old bub! my so called"best friend" got angry when i doctors said that no one was to hold her on the day they come to visit, as she was so stressed out and wouldnt drink or sleep! she then went ahead, talking to my cousin, and saying how i was a bad mother after i returned to work when my little girl was 2 months old, and leaving her home with her dad, as child care was so dear.thaey continued to have there little bitch sessions about me, and the final straw hit when i found out that they were saying all this and also saying my partner was a "flat lazy slob". i rang her raging, crying swearing and abusing her, after 9 years of friendship, it was all down the drain because she was so jealous that everyone else had what she wanted most, it upset me alot, but if thats what a friend does, i hate to see what an enemy does! some people just dont understand that babies dont sleep all day! until they have one, they wont understand! my house i always feel is a mess, even if i have cleaned it the day before! i work 5 days a week, my partner works nights, we dont see each other much, but i think it keeps us together. i am lucky that my man is so supportive!


Be honest and be direct. You are going to cause more problems by trying to give out hints that are probably not going to be picked up on. I was in the situation where my friend wanted to dump me, only she decided to stop returning phone calls and being unbelievably rude and short with me ONE MONTH AFTER STANDING IN CHURCH BY MY SIDE AGREEING TO BE MY SONS GODMOTHER!!!!! I am a direct person and asked outright what the problem was and she merely said she was busy. I wrote a letter begging to know what I had done and she ignored it. I invited her to my sons 1st birthday (along with her two children and husband) and again she ignored it. As she is his Godmother I perservered. I still don't know what her problem was. All I know is her lack of honesty and integrity has taken something away from my son that can't ever be given back to him.
Scorpion...simply tell her your life has changed. She is welcome but way down on your priority list. Do this and you will find she will look for someone with more time.
Good luck.

2 under 2.

I guess it depends on ur history... were u actuallly FRIENDS as such for very long? My best friend passed away very unexpectedly six weeks ago leaving behind a 13 yr old son and a newborn daughter. She was my very best friend but she could drive me crazy with the amount of time she'd call in a day while she was pregnant. I can honestly say I am so glad now that I took the time to talk all the while looking after my kids... (well she just had to cope with that) because I could never get that time back now could I? If someone is truly ur friend... treasure them, if not... well just explain that u r hell busy right now and when u can u'll get back to them... as another mum said answering machine's are the best thing ever!


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