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cheap nappies in Dandenong area Lock Rss

Huggies are on sale at the moment at that discount chemist on Lonsdale street, I think it is called chemist warehouse I brought a box today for $34.

I also find that other baby stuff is sometimes cheaper there eg, panadol and formula.

Anyone else with some shopping tips I love to hear from you

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hey thanks for that, i have just found your post now so they prob not on special now, i found this chemist to be good aswell i used to get my daughters forumla from there as it was cheeper than coles, k-mart, etc, i havent been in there for a while though, lol but they are very cheep which is great, i dont think i brought my nappies from there though but i do know that alot of the time, K-mart, coles have boxes of nappies for about $35 dollers,
i have also found at Big-w in Keysbourough (parkmore shopping center) they have nappies for $18.00 and you get extra nappies for the same price so instead of 36 toddler nappies iam getting 42 for the price of 36 which is good, they are normally around $20 so its only about $2.00 off but its still cheeper

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

anything like this in auckland?

Melissa,AkldNZ,9mth boy

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