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Hi all,

On the 6 of February 2004 i was sitting at my brother in laws house watiching a movie when i started to get stomach pains, wondering what they were and also wondering when are they going to go away i started to move around and change my position on the couch alot, this was at 10pm and when my husband realised that something was really wrong after waking up every half hour and going to the toilet when i had thoes pains he decided to take me to the medical centre at 5.30am. After being monitored for an hour i was sent to the hastings hospital straight away and told not to stop. After spending all day and night there with drugs being pumped into me they decided to put me on an emergencie flight to Wellington Hospital becasue they new that baby was coming ready or not. I fly out at 11pm and got to Wellington airport at 12.20am and then delivered by beautiful baby girl and 2.20am and she weighed 2 pounds and 10 ounces. It was touch and go for a a few days but she pulled through and jumped every hurdle that she came accross. She is now a healthy happy 9 pounds and 5 ounce beautiful girl doing what all babies should be doing. We get very special care up until Siobhan is 5 years old through the Pedeatric Nurses and Doctors with her developemental side of things but so far we have not had any problems with her. She is noe over 4 months old and should only be just over a month old. I had no idea how many premature babies there are. It blew me away when i saw it all. The amazing care that the nurses give to our wee sick and early ones is by far the most rewarding job that any one can have expecially when a baby comes back to visit them months later and the are thriving!!
Congratulations Nadene! I am so glad that things seem to be going so well now. I can't begin to imagine what it all must have been like for you and your family but it looks like things are on the up and up now. It is absolutely amazing what doc's can do these days to help our precious little bubs. Thanks for sharing your ordeal I always think it is great to hear these stories to give other mum's hope.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi Nadene,
I too had my daughter early, she arrived 2 months early and we were just as shocked as you with how great the dr's and nurse's are. It's great to see your daughter is fine, so is mine, she just turned 5 and only has slight asthma, good luck with your baby and thanks for sharing you story.

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Hi Nadine,

What a wonderful and amazing story! What a little miracle you have. Glad to hear she has grown so well and you have not had any problems.

Hoping things continue to go well for you,

Take care and thanks for sharing your story,


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