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Hi everyone! I've been reading all your advice and I think it's great how everyone tries to help each other out. I have a seven month old son and am amazed how much babies take in, they're like little sponges. My son has 3 hour sleeps so it's nice to get online and read all your stories, to break the boredom, until my son wakes up and is ready to play again!! Enjoying Life!! Gotta go, he is finally awake, time to play!!
Welcome Petag! My son is 15 months old and is learning so much now. He is walking & talking. I remember when he was 7 months old I couldn't imagine him ever doing any of this stuff. Now I can't remember being that young. It all goes so fast, so continue enjoying your time with him

Janelle Vic

Hi Fletchersmum. Thanks for replying to my post. 7 months is a magical age, Hunter seems to be doing something different everyday! His latest is a really deep bellylaugh. It's hilarous! The last seven months has gone so fast!! It is hard to believe babies can learn so much in such a short time. Enjoying every second!!!
Hi petag!
Three hour naps??Wow you are soooo lucky! My son only has 2 "30 minute power naps"during the day, but he sleeps for 12 hours at night,so it sort of compensates.
Joel will be 7 months on the 31st.He has just learnt this week how to crawl from the lounge to the hallway and into the bedrooms...It certainly keeps me busy!
take care
Hi Xan, Since my first post, Hunters' sleeps have changed. He has 2 hours in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon but sometimes he goes back for another 30 minutes late afternoon, so it gives us more time for play!! His bottom teeth are on their way so hasn't had much sleep at all today and woke 3 times last night which is rare, is Joel teething? Joel is a New Years Eve baby, what time was he born? Hunter is seven months on the 27th, I now I said he was seven months a week ago but I tend to round off!! Hunter is still stationary but I don't think crawling will be to far away, so I'm enjoying it while I can!! Nice talking to you Xan hope to talk again!! Peta

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the friday And I had him on the Saturday At 2.00 pm but they had to induced
it was going no way at all i went for 12 Hours of labour I was so galdit was over the was wight was 2740gms atfer 1/2 feed .. My mum and shane was there I could have it early but i was waiting
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Hi Peta! Is Hunter crawling yet? Joel has started to pull up on the furniture but hasnt quite worked out how to get down again (there has been a few falls and tears in our house) No teeth yet, but his sleeping has extended to 1-1/2 hour naps...I think that the crawling is tiring him out.Joel was born at 5.19 in the morning of NYE.
My email address is [email protected] if you want to chat.
Hopefully chat soon. Xan.
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