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16 months ago i thought i was about to have my second child when it turned into a disaster and my long labour resulted in a still born baby boy. i am now 3 months pregnant and wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience and wants to share their feelings with me, cos i would love to hear their story as i am still struggling with my own experience.
hi i have to say i have never (thankfully) experienced that! I don't know how i would cope after going through labour to then give birth to a stillborn. I am very sorry that yu had to go through that - but very happy for you that you are now pregnant again! Good-luck with this pregnancy I really hope it all goes well for you!

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Hi Marsmissus,
Very sorry to hear of your loss. I haven't been in the same situation, however I did recently have a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks, which hurt quite deeply.
My cousin had a baby at 38 weeks, where he lived for just 1 day. He had problems with his heart, and it wasn't till birth that it was discovered. My cousin went into a bit of a downward spiral, feeling that she didn't want to go on, but her little girl and Husband pulled her back. She went on to have a sucessful pregnancy about 2 years later and is now the proud mum of 2 girls.
She did fall pregnant a 4th time, but had a miscarriage at 24 weeks, which resulted in her having a full historectomy due to the damage to her uterus. She is very positive however, and a tower of strength. She has the most gorgeous 2 girls and is very strong when hearing of others losses.
My best wishes go out to you and hope you have a fantastic next 6 months and trouble free labour.
Keep us posted on how you are doing,

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Hi Marsmissus,

I lost one of my twins (Rhiarna) at 33 weeks and 4 days. This was a very emotional time for my husband and I. We are blessed with Rhiarna's twin Luke who is the love of my life.

We haven't tried for a second child yet, I know that my husband doesn't want to try for another at all due to what we went through 22 months ago.

However I can understand what you must be going through.

My neice gave birth to a stillborn little girl (Zahlia Rose) at 22 weeks due to (lack of fluid) last September and is 17weeks pregnant again. She is trying to stay postive and upbeat and only thinking good thoughts and has told me that she won't be fully happy until she holds her baby in her arms...

Good luck sweetie and try and stay positive.

All the very best, take care and look after yourself.

Hi Marsmissus,

bear with me i am new to all of this.

10 years ago i fell pregnant, i was only 18, a baby having a baby some people would say. At 19 i went into labour for 8 hours and then the contractions stopped, they kepted me in hospital over night and the next day i was able to go home.

Two weeks later i gave birth to a beautiful boy, i was in labour for about 8hours and i shared the experience with my mum (the baby's father didn't want anything to do with me). A soon has he can out he turned blue in front of my eyes, and there next to me i watched the doctors resus him. The next day the doc's to me that the first 24 - 48 hours were crucial and that they thought he might not survive. For he had severe brain damage from the birth. He needed to had a Helmet over him that provided oxygen.

For the next five days i watched him, i couldn't even kiss him because i was frightened that if i did, i would lose him. i would hear the nurses saying that he was such a beautiful baby to hold which made me cry more beacsue i haven't even been given that oportunity. Someone else was able to hold him before me. I got my first cuddle by day five for only an hour and it was breathe taking.

For the next 15months we struggled each month we were in and out of hospitals because he would get pneumonia all the time. the day that he die i still remember like it was yeaterday. In the end i told him i loved him and that i would be ok and then he died peacful in my arms.

Today i am 28, and now have a beautiful 8mth old boy. My husband (different partner) chose to have a c-section with him. The day of the delivery i was frightend, i was crying and nervous and all the things that were going around in my head, like is it going to happened again? What if? But within 10 minutes of the c-section i saw my son and asked the question "Is he alright".

Today he is health and crawling around and is saying mum.

Some people (like yourself) don't get the chance to say goodbye, where as i was lucky to have that chance. But in reality i think it makes us all cherish what we have and not take advantaged of it. I still have my down days and looking at my son today reminds of my first son, but i wouldnt change a second of it.

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hi marsmissus I know how it feels i gave birth to a stillborn little girl on the 1/2/05 we called her alana jane i have also given birth to a little girl born 5/1/06 i fond id get a little more teary than i first thought but wot i found the hardest was the delivery i was fine until it was time to push then i did not wont to do it just in case something went wrong and when they took the internal heart monniter of i thought the worst but she is a very health happy baby so u can do it it may just be a little harder mentally if u ever need to talk my email address is feel free to use it

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