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has anyones dr got it so wrong??? Rss

When I was 6 weeks pregnant with my son I had a huge bleed and rushed straight to my doctor who did a scan and told me the baby was gone.After 2 and a half years of trying this was a major blow,we were totally devestated.
He had only been our doctor for 2 weeks as our ob/gyno who had helped us for 2 years was no longer delivering so we found a new doctor who would.
This was Australia Day long weekend so we went away for 2 days to clear our heads and after a few to many drinks,lots of tears and self pity I got back in contact with our original dr to organise a curette or to find out what we should do,he gave me an ultrasound to see what if anything was left inside and he found a heartbeat!!!!! I almost dropped dead,I rang my husband at work and needless to say he was VERY shocked.
September that year I gave birth to a perfect baby boy!

Oh my god, what a terrible thing that the DR. put you through,in situations like that he should have had someone else check before telling you and your husband.

Glad to see you have 2 healthy children.

When I was a few weeks preggers I went for a check up and the doctor ran out of the room! I had my mum with me at the time!
We were sort of panicking a bit then he came in with the machine to hear the babies heart beat! And explained the baby didnt feel very big and it is possible that it may have died! But then when he put the machine to my tummy there was a heart beat!
My due date before this incident was 26th April 2005, so because the doctor claimed that the baby was 'too small', he moved the date to May 11th!!
Anyway those due dates came and went and on May 20th 2005 I gave birth to a very over cooked baby boy weighing in at 10lbs!
Until the day I die I will maintain that I carried my baby for 10months!

2 more sleeps

no but a work colleuge of hubbys had a melanoma he was told that it has spread to his liver & it was terminal with only a couple of months to live. he got a 2nd opinion by the best melanoma specialst in sydney to be told that he did not have a melanoma at all!and everything was in the clear

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

That happened to my mum when she was preggers with my bro. It turned out they weren't 100% sure but maybe it was a twin.

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