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How much weight did you gain? Rss

Just wondering how much weight every one gained while pregnant, how long it took to loose and any tips?

Personally I gained a massive 32kgs! My little bubs is now 2 months and I have lost 20 kgs so far... I try and go for a long walk each day and eat real healthy although sometimes it just doesn't happen...

You are doing a fantastic job! Keep doing whatever it is youre doing

i gained about 15kg with all the bubs now im 10kg heavier than when i started. I dont really have any tips im pretty useless in the self control and exercise dept! though i have lost 3kg in the last 2 weeks, stopped eating a bit of junk.
with no1 i gained about 26 kg which i probably never totally lost with the other 2 gained 18 kg each lost it after about 5 months after having no3 but the way i lost it i would not recommend to anyone i suffered a massive (life threatening bleed in the brain folowed by 2 strokes) after 3 months on hospital food i found myslef the lightest i have been in years . waering size 10 clothes now just to keepiing it off. so far so good even though the only exercise i do is chasing aftre 3 young boys& living in a 2 strory house

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I put on 20kg, I am back to my original weight...just my shape is way out of wack. I did nothing special though, I dont believe in diets or depriving myself, but I do STILL breastfeed!

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

I put on 7kg. In the month I fell pregnant I had decided to lose weight & started by buying a smaller dinner plate. I did not diet when I found out I was pregnant I was very careful but never deprived myself. Linsley is now 9weeks & ive lost 13kg. I allow myself treats & dont feel guilty about in the past feeling guilty is what has made me put on weight.
I have an iced coffee every monday with friends, I buy myself a chocolate once a fortnight in the groceries, I have whatever I want for lunch on wednesdays at mum's group. My biggest weight loss help is probably that I only shop once a fortnight & thats it! When the treats are gone we have to wait till next fortnight I dont think I skimp on the treats either... We live out of town so dinner is always home cooked never take away, my partener & I both lost weight when we moved. Cutting out fast food has always been a good quick weight loss option for me & I have struggled.
hi casey7
i gained 38kg i was huge, i started at 70kg and reached a whoppen 108 i had so much fluid it wasnt funny my son was 9lbs and after a week i went down to 85kg my son is now also 2 months and im at 80kg so im slowly getting back down the scale but the belly still sags

Logan 02/02/06 - Sarah 29/05/07

Hi everyone!!!

I put on 22kgs. Starting weight 84kgs. I'm one kilo away from starting weight but i'm trying to lose more. Hoping to lose around another 6kgs. My son is now 61/2 months old i'm rapped that nearly back at starting weight.

I put on 16 kilo's. It felt like waaaay more, I was 64 kilos at the start & 80 the day before he was born. I lost quite a bit of the weight after he was born, but then it crept back on.

Rebecca, Melb, son Thomas 18.01.05

I think it's when I'm not pregnant that I put on weight! I have 2 sets of twins - both times I was really ill with morning sickness but otherwise healthy.

The first time I put on 11kgs and was 16kg's lighter a week after they were born (the total weight of the babies born was 6.7kg's). The second time I put on 5kg's and lost 18kg's (total weight of babies was 6.8kg's).

My doctor told me while I was pregnant that babies are parasites and will take from you what they need regardless of what your intake is. I don't deprive myself of anything (can't get enough coffee and chocolate lately) which is probably why I put on so much weight in between pregnancies!

For the first time in 15 years I've joined the gym and want to get fit so I have the energy to run and play with my children.

QLD Mum of 5

i actually lost weight for a little while when i was pregnant because of the new diet i was put on when i got gestational diabetes. i lost a few kilos at first at the beginning of the diet, then it stayed the same weight for a while then started to gain again.

so after i had my son i was smaller than i was before i got pregnant because it seemed like all the weight went to my belly and i lost it everywhere else. and i just had a really floppy belly, it was very floppy after having a 10 lb baby. i hated it.

but now i've put on weight. back to where i was before i got pregnant. but previous to that i put on 10kgs. i went from 70kgs to 80kgs before pregnancy. then from 80 up to 93kgs then back down to 80 something after having the baby.

but my bum is still shrunk. i had a bigger bum, i know coz now when i sit on hard surfaces, like even a chair my bum hurts coz it feels bony.

but when i can get motivated, i'll go on a diet and lose weight and go back to 70kgs. and maybe even less than that.
In my last post my bub was 9weeks and i'd lost 13kg after putting on 7kg while preg i've now lost 18kg in total. I'm not much different in size???Strange for such a big weight loss??? Bub is now 13weeks... (we've already started trying for number two:o)
Hi ,
I gained 3 kgs with all 3 pregnancies, I don't know how but my doctor said that what I was eating went straight to bubs everytime.
I lost more weight after I had them with breastfeeding as well, then I used the depo needle after my last baby was born and found I was putting weight back on that I lost. Now I am back on the pill and trying to loose at least 10kgs but it's so hard.
I hope I will get there in the long run and be happy with my size again.

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