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Daughter dobs on Mum. Rss

I was out shopping the other day with my 3 year daughter Sam. We went into the bottle shop to get daddy's usual Friday night drink. ( known as daddys medicine).
Whilst I was grabbing the cans of "medicine" I heard my daughter struggling cries for help. Upon turning around to see what the problem was, she was walking towards me with a 4ltr cask of wine which is the one I had recently purchased. She was saying "here is your medicine mummy" you need some more, and not quietly either. I felt a presence of many eyes on me and in particular an elderly lady giving me a bit of an evil eye, whilst purchasing alcohol for herself mind you!!

Maree, Vic 3 year old & 9 weeks old

LOL!!!!!! how adorable

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

haha smile

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

HAHA. Good laugh for the day. Who cares what others think huh!!!!! Our nearly 3yr old daughter gets her dad a beer from the fridge when asked!!!! She knows she isn't allowed to have any, and has to know the difference when she sees him with a class of coke - that has rum in it! haha. Funny times when they are young. I can remember when i was young my grandparents would let us have a tiny glass of wine at Xmas, in a tiny port glass. We thought it was great! haha.

Karen, FNQ, Danika (May 03), Jarrad ( Feb 06), Ama

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