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Hot Cups of Coffee Lock Rss

Hi everyone. I am just writing to let you know how dangerous a simple cup of coffee can be. Three and a half weeks ago my 18 month old so pulled a hot cup of coffee of the bench resulting in 2nd degree burns to 20% of the right hand side of his body. Quick thinking to strip him of his clothes stopped this from becoming 3rd degree burns. After many trips to Royal Childrens Hospital Burns Unit and treatment I am pleased to say that he is recovering well and healing.
I would like to stress that this has been the biggest nightmare of my life and I continually keep thinking of not only my son but the hundreds of other children i saw at the unit getting treatment for burns also. This time of year (winter) seems to be horrendous for these types of things so Please, keep an eye out for kids.. these little precious gems are so quick and do things that we just dont think about sometimes. It isnt until it happens that we start thinking the worst.
Thank you all.
Hi Mandy, it must of been a very tough time for everyone. I am glad your little one is healing, I am sure he will be back to his normal self in no time. Hopefully other people will learn from this terrible incident, thankyou for sharing. All the best!

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