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When to start using "real" words and phase out crazy baby talk? Lock Rss

My daughter is 7 months old, and I'm wondering when my husband and I should start being a bit more sensible in the way we talk to her! We're both pretty loopy, and love talking and singing to Nina in silly voices with lots of made-up words. We keep her very entertained, but do you think we should start using more real words now? Here's some examples:

Nina doesn't have sleeps, she has "snozzles" or "snozz-wozzles".

She doesn't have food, she has "num num a noo noos" (with accompanying song and actions).

She's not just a baby girl, she's a "girly woodle wobbly noodle".

The only concession to normality I can think of is that my husband and I are Mummy and Daddy, so I guess that's a start!

Is it time for us to grow up and talk like sane people? Are we setting Nina-Beana-Boo up to be as nutty as her parents? Anyone want to share their own private lingo? I think this could be quite funny!

Nina's mad mum tongue

This new forum is strange ...

Well my daughter is nearly 20months old now, we never really spoke to her in baby talk, but I must say she seem's to make it up all on her own.
Like her
Belly Button is a: Belly-butt or belly-pitt.

I don't know call me weird but I didn't want to talk to her in baby talk not that I see anything wrong with it, but I wont her to talk properly. I think because my sisters boy still calls bottles momo and he is 5yrs.
My mother and every other family member talks to her in baby talk though, so it all equals out in the end.
me and my mother still have a talk all of our own, I guess abit of both is always good it doesn't matter how old you are!

Michelle, NZ, 3yr-girl, another on the way.

start from day 1! my mil drives me batty with her baby talk and our boys are 5,4 3

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

It doesn't bother me how mums and dads talk to their babies , but I myself prefer to use proper words - have so from day one - as my partners daughter still talks like a baby and she is THIRTEEN !!!!

Funny thing is to bub I always say "DAD" and he gets quite excited , well yesterday I just said "DADDY" and he just frowned at me ?????

I talk to him all the time , tell him everything we are doing as I dress him and where we are going and to the point at feed time I would say "Want a drink ?" ......... At 10 weeks old , during the night he woke up hungry and when I picked him up he said "GINK" ! My eyes nearly popped out of my head !!!! and now at 13 weeks when I say "Do you want a clean nappy ?" he says "Glean" !

I honestly believe everyone talks to their baby how ever they like , but to talk properly from day one will make it easier for everyone else to understand what bub may be trying to say - nothing worse than bub getting frustrated because he can't get his message across !
[Edited on 07/07/2007]

when Heaven said there were boys ... I asked for 2

Personally I hate baby talk, but I thought it was the done thing, so I did once try to talk in it.. and I felt like a right tosser. In my opinion it is going to be hard enough to teach ds to talk properly without throwing made up words in the mix. Each to their own though I guess?
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