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the strange things strangers say when your out with your kids Lock Rss

Hi guys i thought it would be interesting to see what strange things people have said to you while out with your children. it maybe rude comments or people trying to disipline your children for you etc, or just old ladies who want to hold your baby.... so lets here your stories........

IStole3ofHeavensAngels, 2 boys, 1 girl

I have boy/girl twins and to this day (they are 3) people ask me if they are identical! They don't even look alike! I just smile and say no as I don't wish to be rude but really! How can a boy and a girl be identical? I also got a lot of the 'are they both boys' or 'are they both girls' even though when going out I always dressed one in blue and one in pink (as babies to try and avoid this question!). Are people really that dumb or do they just not think? People also would ask 'are they twins' when there is two babies of the same size in a double pram. I'm always polite but sometimes I just felt like giving them a sarcastic response such as no, she's six weeks but he's four years old. I would think it would be obvious. One funny one I'll never forget was when a little old lady came up admiring the twins and asked how many days old they were. When I replied two months the poor lady was completely shocked and practically ran away. It was funny as you would forget that they were tiny and this really served to remind me that they were quite little.
Okay - here goes. Once when my husband had taken our son to the local park to feed the ducks - two elderly women assumed he was our son's grandfather (DH was only 42 at the time so not really that old or anything).
On another occasion, just prior to going to dr's office for immunisation shots, I was changing my son's nappy on the changetable and he turned over and headbutted the corner of the changetable and gave himself a bruise. So of course, sitting in the Dr's waiting room, an elderly lady started to talk to my boy and say "Has your mother been beating you up?" I mean - my boy was only about six months old!
I can also remember breastfeeding (the one time I did it in a 'public' place) in the McWhirter Centre. I was being very discreet - ie clean cloth nappy over the shoulder and covering baby's head and my chest area (there were no amenities except for toilets at this place) and a middle aged couple walked past. Get this - the man didn't so much as give us a first glance let alone a second one. The woman he was with though - my goodness she stared at me (almost like we were committing an indecent act).
Anyway, will stop now.....

James' Mum

not that strange but sevearl people have asked are they twins? aaking about my 2 youngest sons they are about the same height being only 13 months apart one is big for his age the other small so they seem to have caught up to each other. now if anyone aaks are they twins? i say no but almost!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I had a really funny one the other day. I was waiting in line at the checkout at a dept store, holding Nina, and this lady and her husband joined the line behind me. The lady started talking to Nina, calling her a cute little boy (she was wearing a red jacket and yellow trousers, I didn't bother to correct her), and then started saying that she had the right hair colour to come home with them and live with their family (this woman was a blazing redhead, Nina's hair is reddish-blonde). I was smiling and nodding politely, while this lady kept going on and on about how well my little "boy" would fit in with her daughter, her dog, her two cats, how they had a lovely room with a cot for the baby etc ... meanwhile her husband is eagerly nodding along!

I know my daughter is very cute and I'm sure it was all meant in fun, but this lady was just a wee bit too eager to spontaneously adopt my baby! I was tempted to look over my shoulder as we went to the carpark to make sure we weren't being followed!

People are funny. grin

This new forum is strange ...

I have 4 kids, 2 boys 2 girls and often get asked if they're all mine. As if I would constantly walk around with some strangers kids!! My 1st DS and 3rd, a DD, have curly golden hair, olive skin and brown eyes but my 2nd, a DD, has really blonde straight hair, white as a ghost and blue eyes. When she was conceived my husband was doing basic training in the navy in another state and I come back from our weekend visit pregnant! I had people actually ask me who the father was, and it hasn't helped she doesn't look like the other two! Luckily I now have a boy who looks like her, pale skin, blue eyes and lighter hair. People still comment though.
The other things I get are "Gee you've got your hands full" (even times when I just have the 2 little ones) and "maybe you should buy another TV so you've got something else to do at night".
One midwife days after the birth of my 3rd baby asked if it was my 1st, I said no 3rd and she exclaimed" you must have started when you were only 16!" actually I was 25 when I started and turned out to be older than her. (will thank those younger looking genes of my pa later in life !!!)
People aren't afraid to say what they're thinking.

Stay at home mother of 4, SA

I have two sets of twins and I think I must have the record for strangers coming up to me and saying strange things......

A new Child Health Nurse recently visited my house and at the end of the visit asked the age difference between my older twins I said '2 minutes'. She didn't know what to say as she'd just been there to weigh my baby twins.

Both sets of twins are boy-girl yet I'm asked all the time 'are they identical?' well that got pretty old so now I say 'no, one has a penis'.

I get the 'you've got your hands full dear' when I'm out shopping with the babies, so I say 'I've actually got 2 sets of twins so this is easy actually'.

The list could go on and on really, everyone has something to say no matter how much I avoid eye contact!

QLD Mum of 5


I was out shopping today at the noisiest of shopping centres (also was a Saturday). Baby was crying in the lift and an old lady (whats with old ladies! turned around and said give him a dummy to make him quiet!

I was dumbfounded and just smiled. In hindsight I could have said alot of things in response.

Anyone else experienced similar. I think people forget after a while what its like!

I was out having lunch with my mum, Grandma and 2 year old daughter,there was an elderly couple on the table next to us. My daughter started to wander off so I called out to her. Her name is Amber, the woman quite loudly responded with "Amber, what sort of name is that"? I asked her if her daughters name was Gertrude or something equally as nice.
She then went off in a huff to play the pokies.

Mum to Amber 21/05/04

I went to the dentist yesterday, a new one as we only moved here 5mths ago. As I was filling out the forms etc, the receptionist asked me if all the kids were mine. We were the only ones in the reception area, I have a twin side by side pram with a toddler seat on the front (I call it my truck) and my 9yr old was there with me. I cant say that I'd take someone elses kids to the dentist of all places, let alone have a pram that would accomodate them all.
We got the 'are they identical' heaps when DS & DD were babies. DS has red curly hair, DD had hardly any at all and it was brown and straight. The ppl would say that the girl had lovely red hair. We just let ppl talk, seems to be safer that way.
I can understand punching someone, I've wanted to hundreds of times. 'Double trouble' and 'you've got your hands full' just don't sound like compliments.
My fav was while waiting at a check out, the lady in front and the checkout lady were looking at DS & DD in the pram, my older DS + me and talking under their breath. DS was a bit grumpy and me being 8 & 1/2mths pregnant and tired, just let him grumble (evil me). When it was our turn to go through, the checkout lady said I didn't look very impressed. I answered her with I just get tired of ppl making comments. She then went on about her brother having twins and that they said the same thing. My husband just looked at her.
It just amazes me how many mean or nasty comments come out of perfect strangers mouths. There's nothing making these people talk and it's not like we have to talk! It is nice though when ppl say nice things about your kids.

Fi-9 & 3/4yrs,18mths x2 & 3mths

Hi there

I was at the fruit shop with my daughter (& heavily pregnant with my second) when an old man smiled at me & said I should be very proud of myself as I was doing a good thing for my country (by having kids). Very funny!

bye for now

I have had many people say different things to me, I have a 7 year old DD and a 6 month old DD.

But I had a man that would be in his 40 - 50 come up to me when I was picking up my DD from school and tell me that I should be very proud of myself being a young mum and that it's great to see that I take great care of my daughters. And that I must do a fantastic job as my DD is always full of smiles and he has no doubt that my 6 month old DD will be the same.

And it really made my day smile

We also have heaps of people stopping us in the street, shopping centres saying how cute our 6 month old DD is. And you kow what? She looks just like her dad.

Kellie, VIC, Mum Of 2 and another on the way!!

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