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Op Whilst Pregnant Lock Rss

12 months before I had my daughter I fractured my vertebrae and had to have spinal surgery to fix it or I would have ended up in a wheel chair. The operation was successful and I was told that I only had a 5% chance of it recurring. Well low and behold I happily fell pregnant with my second child (due in 7 weeks ) and the same thing happened again but this time I was overseas. I immediately flew home to my back surgeon thinking he would tell me he would operate after I had the baby. I was wrong!! Basically I was told that if I didnt have immediate surgery then I would become paralysed in my right leg and lose complete control of my bowel and bladder and if I had the oepration then I would be ok. That's OK i can deal with that BUT he wouldnt operate whilst I was pregnant. I was floored. Further, to do the operation I needed to have an MRI which is up for debate as to safety whilst you are pregnant. We had a few decisions to make. We went to my GP also a family friend and he agreed with the surgeon that a termination on medical grounds was what was the best option for all concerned - completely against everything I believe in BUT probably in the best interests for all concerned, family, me etc and I could always have more children later, I was only 13 weeks at the time but hey why stop there. I went to my obstetrician and he was completley and utterly the most sane of all. He said he agreed with everything we had said BUT an anaesthetic does not have any affects on the baby whatsoever, the only thing it can do is cause an early labour and so be it if thats what happens then it wa smeant to be and I would not be in a position to live with any decisions for the rest of my life - let nature take its course and as for the MRI it was different than an XRay and there has been no reported problems or defects from having an MRI. 12 hours later I had the MRI and 24 hours later I was operated on and I was told that within another 24 hours of that I would have been in a wheelchair with a bag - thats how bad my spine was. After the op they did an ultrasound and everything was ok with the baby. 20 weeks later I am as big as anybody and the baby is going along finewith no problems. All ultrasounds have been normal and everything is going to plan. C/S is on 5/10 and we just can't wait to meet our little miracle baby boy! It just goes to show that you should always get more than one opinion and you should go with your instincts. Miracles do happen!!
Oh Emilygsmum, I have held my breath the whole time I read your post waiting to see what the outcome was. Isn't God good. Having to face so many decisions and then having such a positive outcome is amazing. I have always said that a good doctor is having God's hands here on earth. We had an experience with our son who was not quite 2 early in the year where he was required to have an MRI. As I was 30 weeks pregnant, they recommended my husband accompany my son to the room, and I had to stay well away. It goes to show they are always extra conservative aboout the risks I guess. Luckily I had the option, because it wasn't for me. You really had no choice! Congratulations and all the best for a speedy and full recovery. You are so strong and positive. This will be one baby born with a purpose to be on this earth. (As they all are, of course!) Keep us posted.

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I can (sort of) relate to your story - I think my baby girl Maya has an angel on her shoulder too.
Maya was very unplanned, and in the 6 weeks before I found out I was pregnant, she was exposed to so many 'nasties'. My older daughter required a CAT scan, and when they asked me if I was preg, I said "of course not", so I accompanied her (although they did make me wear a lead apron).
Then I developed an abscess in my arm which required surgical draining as it became very infected. So I had a general anaesthetic, followed by 7 days of IV cephlasporins in hospital. The doctors were surprised that it took so long to heal, but in hindsight I think my immune system was low due to pregnancy. I also took an antibiotic for a UTRI Norfloxacin which is not known to be safe in pregnancy.
LOL - I thought the anaesthetic etc. made my period late, but when I eventually took a test, it was positive. I was really worried about the baby being exposed to all these things, but my midwife told me if they had affected the baby, I would most likely miscarry as it was so early on. So of course then I worried about miscarrying...
Fast forward and Maya was born at 38 wks weighing 9lb and perfectly healthy, so I guess she wasn't affected by all the drugs.
If I had known I was preg, I would still have had the surgery, mostly because without surgery I would have developed septicaemia which can be fatal, but I would definitely have been mre aware of what antibiotics I was given.

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Wow is all I can say. I am so happy that everything worked out as well as it could. Good on you for trusting yourself and exploring all options.

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hi emilygsmum
oh my goodness, as i read yur post my throat got all choked up. holy moly i would have been beside myself.

so he's guna be a libra. ..............u have left me a bit lost for words really
such a worry off your mind.
hows your back coping with being pregnant? do u have to stay in any particular position for comfort or anything???

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with 6 weeks to go my back is sort of struggling a little bit as it is putting heaps and heaps ofpressure on the nerves in my legs. All I can do is sort of lie down and rest it as much as possible but with a 1 year old not always possible. My husband is great as is my mother as they are all just greatful everything is turning out for the best. 6 weeks and it is all over and our little angel will be here.
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