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2 weeks 2 go and died??!!!!! Lock Rss

When i had 1 week to go before my first baby was born my sister rang in tears from work,one of her collueges who was 38 weeks pregnant with her first bub,had slipped on some water in the bathroom,she cracked her neck and both her and baby died,her husband found her that night.
My mother rang 2 days later to tell me one of her collueges who was also 38 weeks baby had died and she had just had to deliver him...
i look at my perfect healthy 5 month old every day and think just how luck i am to have her,some people forget that pregnancy and childbirth are EXTREMELY dangerous
i love my baby to bits

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi Mimmy,
It's a morbid subject, but I know what you mean about appreciating your little one as there are so many things that can go wrong.
I'm not a negative person, but I was surprised that my gorgeous little girl came out perfect. I almost expected that there'd be at least a birthmark. Knowing how much we love our children, I just can't fathom the horror of losing a child, before or after it's born. That poor man who found his wife and child gone OMG.
Even a Christian would have to ask "Why me?"

Sarah 3/11/05 & Kade 6/11/07

WHAT A TRAGIC STORY!I hope her husband is coping. i have a gorgeous little boy and i thank god for him.children are so special and give you lots of love and happpiness.all the best to you and your baby!

happy parenting

angela,vic,3years old toddler

Yeah its not a nice subject but i knew a girl she had about 8 weeks to go and she got pains so she went to the doctor and he said things "were fine go home" 2 weeks later and the same pains come back so she went to another doctor and he did a scan and he said that the baby had been dead for 2 weeks. She still had to give birth to her little girl. They gave her a bath and cuddled her heaps.
They went to councling and he said the best thing to do is to start trying for another 1 and now they have anothre litlle girl but that will never replace the first.
It was sad. Just goes to show that docs can be wrong about some things.....



My mothers best friends daughter whom also shared the same name as me was 37 weeks pregnant with her first child. She was sitting in her mothers kitchen complaining of a headache and about to go and watch her boyfriend play rugby. She suddenly fell off the chair and lay motionless on the floor. There was nothing the ambulance could do when they arrived as she was already deceased. Sadly they could not save the baby and her daughter died with her. She had died of a brain haemorrage.

The baby was taken from the womb and placed in her mothers arms in the coffin. This still brings tears to my eyes and this happened a good 16 years ago.

Sad, life is so unpredictable and one should never take life for granted.

Mummy to 18 mnth old twin girls

Hi Mimmy.

I just read your story and it is very sad. I just wanted to say that I have lost a baby too and that was 6 weeks ago from today.

I had a baby girl. I dont know if i should say this but Im not sure of the name that the doctor used when they told me that my baby had this deformity.

I was 19 weeks pregnant when I found out that my baby wasnt going to live, it shocks e1 that i tell this to and i love to see the look on their faces... lol.

As the baby is developing inside of u and it gets to the 10-11 weeks stage the trigger for the brain and skull to form didnt happen for me this time round.

I was told that it is just a nasty trick of god and mother nature telling me that my baby wasnt ment to survive. It happens to 1 in 100 people and i happen to have been in that spot at the wrong time.

I hope this doesnt upset too many people.. I really sorry if it makes anyone cry. I have 2 beautiful children b4 the loss so I should just be happy with my son (4 next month) and my daughter (3 next month).

claire, qld, 2yr daughter

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