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Touched by an Angel... Lock Rss

When my mother passed away in 1995 I picked the brightest star in the sky and new that was my mum.
Almost every night since I would go outside and look for that brighest star to say goodnight.

On the 10th of May this year at 33 weeks into my first pregnancy, I was told that my little girl (twin) had stopped breathing.

Later that night I looked up to my bright star in the sky and you wouldn't believe it, just hanging off the bottom of that star was a tiny little star. It was like two stars joined together, one big and one small.
Now I know my little princess is being looked after.

Please note: I have been a bit of a sceptic...but now I'm a believer....

About 3 weeks ago I put my little boy in his rocker and we sat out the back patio in the shade. Next minute I could hear a baby gurgling and I looked at Luke but he was sleeping.

I looked inside and lights on the baby monitor were lighting up and the baby's gurgling was coming from Lukes room.

I turned the monitor off because at first I became really scared and emotional then rang my husband at work. I turned the monitor on again just to make sure and the baby noises were still coming from in the room.

I now believe that it was Rhiarna playing with all her toys in her room. There is no other explaination, there was no-one else in the house and the noises were plain and clear.

Now I look forward to my little girls visits.

Has anyone else been touched by an angel...

Thats is the sweetest story I've heard in a long time.
Shortly after my nanna passed away everytime we drove through the town where she lived the same song would come over the radio it was Vanessa Amorosi's 'Shine'. This happened for a couple of years and I believe it was my nanna telling me that she was ok and that she was reunited with my pop.
Now everytime I hear that song it reminds me of her and makes me feel better.
I hope your little girl visits you many more times, only this time you won't have to be scared as you'll know its her.

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Hi Kristy,

Talking of songs played on the radio, everytime I have taken Luke to the doctors for his checkups each time I hop in the car to come home Rhiarna's song from her funeral plays.

Tears in Heaven.....

I thought it was just a coincedence the first time but it happened two more times after that.

I believe she is with Luke all the time, because he just looks into space and smiles all the time.

he jo
that is so sweet

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hello Jo. I read a story in That's Life mag a few weeks ago about a lady who volunteered at a hospital. She said a baby who was very ill arrived and as his mother didnt live close and had other children the volunteer spent all her days with this baby just cuddling and talking to him. His name was Richard. Anyway I think this went on for around 10 months until the hospital said there was nothing more they can do for Richard and moved him to a hospital closer to his family. Some time later the volunteer was home and felt a very cold sensation. She said it was very strange so she moved however when she came back to that spot the cold feeling was still there. Later that night when she sat down on her lounge the cold feeling returned. Her husband told her to reach out to it which she did saying its OK. She said she felt it cuddle into her for a few minutes and then the cold feeling went. She noted the time and later went to bed. She received a phone call the next day from Richards grandmother telling her that Richard had passed away the day before. She asked what time and it was the same time she felt the cold feeling. She takes great comfort in knowing Richard came to say goodbye.

When I was preg with my son a close friend of ours very suddenly died at the age of 32. It was a very big shock and he left a wife and 3 children under 5. When I had my son he too would smile at something behind me every now and then and I often wonder what he was smiling at. At our wedding we had a big photo of my husband and I with a plain border around it. The idea was for all our friends and family to sign the border and then we would have this framed to keep forever etc. All the guest were told to keep it clean as this was what we wanted. Well as you can imagine most people did leave a beautiful message but some lets just say intoxicated people left some that were very inappropiate. It was due to this that we still have not had the photo framed. Well for weeks this was playing on my mind for some reason. I kept thinking we should just replace the border with a clean one............. This went on for weeks and weeks. Then one day it got to me I should read them as there may be a message we should keep. Well imagine the feeling when the FIRST message I read was from our friend who had passed away which simply said " Love ya both - Franko". I had chills and had to ring my husband at work. After that my son stopped smiling at nothing. We like to think our friend Franko had come to meet our son and say goodbye to us.

I told his wife this and she said her brother ( who was great mates with Franko) was having a day when Franko was constantly on his mind. He told her it got so bad he was driving and he said "mate if you are there please give me a sign". The song on the radio finished and the next song was the song Franko and his wife had for there wedding and the song they played at his funeral - Have I told you later - . He said if he ever doubted this sort of thing in the past , it had just been thrown out the window.

I think its lovely that we can take comfort in these sort of things. Some may say were mad but hey I'll take my chances.

It was lovely to hear your story and the comfort you gain from your experience.
They are all such beautiful stories smile

I feel all tingly

Love Steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

What beautiful stories to share.....

I have goose bumps all over.


Michelle - Mum to 2


I also have goose bumps all over. They are beautiful stories, you are blessed that there a special angels watching over you.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

One other short story to tell...

The morning of my daughters funeral, my sister and I drove down the street to buy the flowers.
One the way home I was commenting on how beautiful the baby roses were, and at that point a baby cried in the back seat of her car. My sister and I just looked at eachother and said "Did you hear that".

There was no radio on and there was only my sister and I in the car. We still talk about it to this day.
That is an amazing story. I bet that gives you so much peace and strenghth to know that she is ok and her spirit is very much alive.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

As I mentioned in my first post, it was scary at first especially with the whole monitor episode but now I love when things like this happens.

Rhiarna visits every now and then and it's great because I miss her very much.

I am constantly reminded of her each time I look at her big brother (by only 1 min) I always wonder what she would look like now, what type of personality she would have.. etc etc....

Regards Jo
I never tire of hearing how peole who have crossed over contact us to let us know they're ok. I recently vistited my mother interstae and she 's good friends with a psychic who gave me a reading. I wasn't a disbeliever but needed a bit of proof before you'd call me a believer. Without being told he picked up on the fact that my son had a love of tomatoe sauce and would not eat his veg without them. When I asked him some question regarding my pop he also used some terminology that my opp used often, his wife told me some of these he'd never used or it was different pronounciation, but the same as my pop.
I like to believe that he and my nan are keeping an eye on myself and Liam (who is named after my pop).
I asked the psychic about the songs and he confirmed it was my grandparents. I'm sure your daughter lets you know she's ok, and its probably at times you need a pick me up. I hope they never stop. Keep telling us of your daughters visits as I love hearing about them.

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