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Ear infections & grommits Rss

My 14mth old has been getting constant middle ear infections where the ear drum perferates, on average every 4 weeks. (always the same ear) I am reluctant to have grommits and was wondering if there are any other people that have sucessfully cured the ear infection with out antibiotics or grommits. I have heard that Osteopaths can help? Please any suggestions will be considered. I don't want to put his hearing or speech development in jeopardy either though? He has been on antiboitics constantly for 6 mths which is worrying, the G.P wants the grommits the Paed doesn't.
Hi Tracey, My son started with ear infections when he was around 8 months old. Eventually it turned into glue ear. He had endless and endless antibiotics which of course some worked and others didnt. He would finish his antibiotics and the next day have another ear infection. He got a really bad rash from Batrium (spelling) it has sulphar which we now know he has an allergy to. He also ended up with thrush at one stage which is another very long winded story,
We tried chiropractors, acupuncture, homoepath, naturopath and excluded wheat and dairy from his diet. Also Caleb was not talking properly as the glue ear causes hearing problems. He started to work when he was around 8 months and then it all stopped. This time last year we saw an ENT who said grommets and remove his adenoids. We were told there is to much conflicting evidence to say if he will or will not have long term problems due not being able to hear properly. We saw our ENT again who said grommets as did our GP. We thought this was our last resort hence we tried everything else. In the end last month we finally decided after yet again another ear infection and the normal yucky nose enough was enough. We booked him in and he was even on antibotics the week before his operation.

The ENT said there was a lot of nasty yuk behind both ears and his adenoids were of normal size. You could see the yuck coming from his ears for a few days. He has been well since the surgery. He did have to have antibiotics since the op to clear up the infection that was left but thats it. He is teething again at the moment (2yr molars) so that always makes him sooky.

I was like you and wanted to try other things before grommets and even though we didnt get great results I would still advise anyone to try everything they can before resorting to surgery of any kind. I think with us we left it to late and in the end the yuck was like a plug and was not going to move. Our acupuncture said to even try some caster oil and massage it into the area in front of his ears ie cheek area. He said you will know within a few weeks if this is going to work to move the yuck.

Good luck with what ever you decide but I can assure I do know what you are going through. I hope this makes sense as my 2 year old has been throwing a tantrum as I was trying to type this, it took over an hour to finish!!
Thankyou for your reply. It is good to hear other people are in the same boat as i am, by not wanting to just keep giving atibiotics. He seems to be getting worse. The doctor said there is not much more he can do for him as he is on the strongest dose of antiboitics the paed recomended. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. So today in pure frustration i rang an Osteopath to arrange a booking to see if that might work. When i spoke to the lady at the office she said that i should try an old wives tale that has work for her for years, apparently you cut an oinion in half walm it in the microwave, wrap it in a face washer and hold it over the ear. And the fumes from the onion draw out the infection. Well i nearly started laughing when she told me. But hey i'll try anything. I'll let you know of the outcome. He'll probaley just end up with burning eyes from it. Maybe i should have asked her if she was a witch. It sounds a bit weird to me.
How long did the operation last and was he just in hospital for the day? Can you fly when you have grommets in. How long do they last for. Everytime i ask the paed about grommets he just says that there is no need, antibiotics are fine. and not to worry it is normal for children to get ear infections. Maybe i need to get a second opinion?
You can hear some really funny stories with natural remedies. But as you said you get so desperate you'll try just about anything!!

Caleb op was day surgery and the actual op was only around 10 -15 mins (seems like an eternity at the time) and when he went into recovery they got us straight away to sit with him. He tried to pull his drip out, as all the kids did when they come back from theatre. The ENT said coming out of the anaesthetic is like us being drunk and as they have never experienced this they really dont cope well with it. This only lasted 5- 10 mins max then he fell asleep in my arms. He slept for a few hours and then had a drink of lemonade. As he kept this down he had a lemonade ice block. By this time he was just about back to normal and full of energy. We then went into the rest area where he had half a packet of arnotts biscuits and some more lemonade. He ran around like nothing had happened. Some of the other children were sick when they come too but this passed very quickly. In no time they were all running around driving us nuts!! We arrived at hospital 6.30am he went in just before 9.00am and we left the hospital around lunch time. The only reminders he had had surgery that day was the small bruise and the sticky plaster from the drip and dried blood around his nostrils from taking our this adenoids. We had to stop at the shops to get some blutac to put in Calebs ears for baths until we saw the ENT in a weeks time. Caleb come with us and played with all the toys in Big W. He was back to normal. The next day he had so much energy and very chatty, couldnt really understand what he is saying but at least he is trying which was more then he was doing. We saw the ENT the week after and he was very happy and fitting Caleb with special ear plugs for baths and swimming. We also bought a thing called an ear wrap which is like a head band made from the same stuff as wet suits. We didnt get Caleb's hearing tested as we knew he could hear.

Grommet can last days, weeks, months or even years. It depends on the child. If they fall out to soon then they may need them put back in. They can get infected and wax can also build up around them causing more problems. They can also leave a hole in the ear drum which has to be mended. You have to keep all water out of their ears while the grommets are in because if you get any water in them they can get a middle ear infection. However our GP said he was reading an article from America the other week which said they are trialling children swimming without ear plugs and have not had any problems.... I am not trying to scar you but let you know all the facts as they were told to us.

A friend of ours daughter also had grommets but she also had her adnoids out and tonsils. She was kept in over night as the tonsil op is a bigger one.
When I was deciding what to do I spoke to her and she said she just wished she had done it earlier.

Yes they can fly with grommets, our ENT said they will not get the pressure build up like we do so they enjoy it more. That means you dont have to feed them or give them a drink etc. Caleb was unable to fly, scuba dive or go to any mountains with his ear problems. But he can now.

If you are not happy with anything you are told you always have the right to get another opinion. If it was me I probably wouldnt have bothered however as this was my son I didnt want to make a decision that would cause further problems in years to come. I didnt think I had that right.

Good luck with the Osteopath my SIL swears by hers. Please let me know how you got on when you get a chance. Just remember you dont have to rush into anything. Just take your time and go with your gut feelings, the grommets will always be there as a last resort.
Hi Tracee,

Just thought i would let you know my story too, as mine is very similar to yours.

My son started getting ear infections just after i stopped breast feeding him, at about 7 months. He had so many doses of antibiotics, that i lost count, and he too was on a very strong dose by the end. At that stage, i made a deal with myself, to avoid antibiotics, unless it was absolutely necessary. So far, fingers crossed, he hasn't had any more and that was 3 months ago.

I too, really want to avoid grommets, but in no way want to hinder his abilities in the mean time. So, i have had a hearing test, about 2 weeks ago now. The results were good, with only minimal hearing loss of very low sounds, and he had 70 - 80% fluid in his ears at the time. I have also booked into an ENT at the end of October, for his review on my sons ears. My husbands and my opinion at the moment, is that it will take a lot of convincing to get us to agree to the Op at this stage.

Goodluck Tracee, keep us updated if you get a chance,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Wow that is so weird, I just posted on your epilepsy thread & then I see this which I've also had..!

I had grommets put in when I was around 6 because I had glue ear so badly I was lip reading & couldn't hear what ppl were saying to me. I didn't know that wasn't normal & they only realised because I wouldn't answer if I had my back to ppl. I had them in for about 2yrs from memory & they didn't bother me at all... The only time it did was once when we went away on a holiday, my cousin snuck out while I was asleep to go to pools. When I realised I'd missed out I cried! hehe sad

My case was pretty severe though. I remember just after they put them in I was too scared to flush the toilet because it was so loud. If it were my daughter who needed them, I guess I would consider how much it had affected her hearing & how bad the constant ear infections were for her. I think the benefits of grommets far outweigh the downside in most cases but that's only my personal opinion.

Anyway, just thought you might want to hear from someone who's experienced it first-hand.

Good luck!
Thanks for taking the time to resond. It's good to hear that you were better with them in. I am still waiting to get his hearing checked with all the problems in the last week with the epilepsy i have not exactly had it as my priority. I will have to re-assess the suituation when we find out if his hearing has been affected.
No worries, let us know how you go with it all... ;o)


I have a 14mth old daughter who also suffers from cronic ear problems and hearing loss. At first we thought she had selective hearing as she was talking, crawling, walking around the furniture etc, but when by 13 mths she still wasn't walking alone and was wobbly when we held one hand, we knew something was up. Caitlyn is a very happy baby so we didn't know how often she had ear infections but everytime we went to the dr for whatever reason there was always an ear infection. We spoke to our GP who assured us there was nothing wrong but I got a 2nd opinion from our paed. He said grommits were defintiely an option. I had no hesitation in seeing an ENT and after getting her hearing tested and being told it remarkable that she could talk,we chose to get grommits. I have had 8 sets of grommits in total adn the only damage I suffered is mild deafness in my left ear due the extensive scar tissue. My case of grommits is rare and the ENT assured me that it won't happen to Caitlyn. So although surgery seems scary when your baby is involved, I think Caitlyns health and development far outweigh my own fears. I let you know how the op goes.


Bee, QLD, 2 year old daughter

i'm not sure how u doing at the moment but i hope u still read this post!!!
my son had ear infections since he was two years old !!! he had grommets put in when he was five!!!!
nothing changed with grommets if anything else it was worse !! he still kept having ear infections and yucky discharge from his ear !! he was on antibiotics nearly all the time!!!! when u have grommets u have to make sure that is absolutely no water enters his ears which is very hard !!! he had to wear earplugs when svimming showering etc!!! his grommets supposed to fall out in two years time but they didn't so had to have another op to remove it !!! after that he still had ear infections so they wanted to put another set of grommets in but i said no!!! "swimmers ears" drops seamed to help him but i think at the end he just grew out of it !!! he is 11 years old now and seams to do better haven't had ear infection for about a year now!!!he even threw his earplugs away because he was teased in swimming class!!!so my advise would be just wait a bit longer !! your baby is still too young he can grow out of it!!!! i'm not sure if you can try the drops ask the chemist if ok for that young but that seamed to help my son lot more than the antibiotics!! too much antibiotics damage the liver they do more harm than good !!
tell me how you going !! all the best!!
Hi Tracey,
My daughter has just had her grommets and adenoids taken out yesterday and already there is a great improvement. Her balance has improved over night and she is now running (something she has never done) Yesterday wasn't as hard as I expected. They let me take Caitlyn into the theater and wait with her until she was asleep. Then as soon as she was in recovery they came and got me. We had to wait 3 hours to go home because of the removal of adenoids. After grommets they can usually go home after an hour. Caitlyn didn't experience any nausea or vomiting and the only problem we have now is getting her to keep her ear plugs in. I can understand the fear parents have of their little ones having an operation. But yesterday Caitlyn was one of 5 babies in the day surgery. If he is still getting ear infections I would recommend going and seeing an ENT and getting their opinion.
Good Luck

Bee, QLD, 2 year old daughter

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