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How did your child make you smile today? Lock Rss

Hi lovely mums!

I thought it would be fun to share some of those little moments that make parenthood worthwhile - those times when you think to yourself, "This is what it's all about". Those times when your child makes you laugh so hard, or smile so wide, that you think you might explode from so much joy.

My moment today - I was playing with Nina (she's 8 months), and she was grabbing my nose and trying to bite it off etc (no teeth yet luckily), then she draped her bib over my nose, pulled it off with a flourish, and said "ta-da!" just like a magician revealing a clever trick.

I love my little girl, and I feel so honoured to be her Mum.

How did your child make you smile today? grin

This new forum is strange ...

not much yet the day is still young so i live in hope that the fighting will stop soon LOL

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Just that big gummy grin that I wake up to every morning!!!

Mandy, and baby Ava May (born 02.03.06), Adelaide

Lillie was on hubby's shoulder and he was walking round showing her herself in the mirror
she farted out loud on his head then cracked a big giggle
we all had a laugh at that

Lillie....1 year old!!!

my DS went to laugh this morning, and snorted when he did it. it scared him, but i was nearly crying with laughter. it was just the cutest thing!

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

whenever someone burps or farts she smiles and says "burpies".

sometimes she'll be playing and just come up to you and hug you.

i practically beg her for a 'kissie' and she just turns her cheek so i can kiss her.

when she wakes up in the middle of the night she waves, claps her hands and says yay. I then say no, no yay. no clapping your hands, go back to sleep.

sometimes when she chucks a temper tantrum she makes me smile. kind of heartless i guess. ha ha

Monique, 25/6/06 and Ezekiel, 17/10/07, Qld

my 2 toddlers were outside playing (3 and 2 yo) and one oof them hurt themselves so the other held his hand and bought him inside to lie him down and play with his hair!!! very nice.
2yo DS is learning to share so he brings me his plate to offer me some apple or some other snack. He gets all upset if I'm not hungry and shoves some into my mouth with his wide open!
My 2.5yr old just came over to me and said
" Mummy your handsome."
I replied "am I handsome,honey?" He said " Yes, Mummy you are very handsome".
Oh how cute.
no one has ever said I was handsome.

just wrapped bubs to go down for a nap, and i kiss him all over his mouth and face while he opens his mouth and coo's at me. so nice to have such a smoochy baby smile

My almost 11mth old stood up in the middle of the room, all by herself. I clapped & cheered her on, so she plonked back down & did it again, plonked down & did it again...then was so cute! Of course my 3yr old was cheering her on too...what a lovely moment

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