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I conceived naturally and had my first baby at 47 Lock Rss

I was told by my midwife that I was the oldest mother she had taken care of. During my pregnancy I was so consumed with reading about the stages of my pregnancy and preparing to become a parent, it is only now I find myself thinking, maybe there are other ( quite alot older) first time mums like me out there???? Or may be others that may be interested to hear my story?

In brief, I will be 50 in August this year and our daughter Kyra has just turned 2 years in January. She is such a pleasure to be with... She is a very bubbly and talkative little girl and is our most treasured little person. I (we) conceived naturally at the age of 46 years, after deciding to start a family very late in life. It took 5 years and sadly several early miscariges. But the surprise pregnancy after having really given up.... ( and knowing how much against the ODDS for us it was to get pregnant), followed by the joy of having a very precious robust little girl by C section weighing a healthy 3.5kgs has overshadowed those sad times.

I wonder if I am of a rare breed, as I was pregnant at least 6 times, but the fertility specialist said that my miscarriages were due to my 'old' eggs.

Perhpas there are others like me out there ?? If so, perhpas we need to show ourselves so that the professionals who tell you that you are a 'lost cause' may temper such statements with our examples.

Never give up
Not me I was 21 when Ihad my 1st but wantd to say congrats on your little girl! I hope this story gives other mums who are trying hope
Hi, I conceved our first son naturally after several years of 'problems' at 39 years and now about to have our second once again naturally concieved at 41 years - not as old as you ( good on you by the way grin )
Glad to hear all is going well !!!
Hi, Congratulations, you finally got the baby you were so wishing for & she was
Although this baby is not my first child, I can add to "giving hope" to other older people trying to conceive as I also conceived naturally at 43. A huge surprise though!
So, it can happen, even if our eggs are "almost expired" so far the baby appears to be healthy.
It does feel strange though, going to the antenatal clinics with all the young girls .... feel ancient .. LOL.
All the best to you & your family!
Congratulations on your baby, dp's mum had great difficulty falling pregnant i'm not sure of the exact details but i belive she lost about 10 babies all up, may have been more. She finally got pregnant with dp's brother and then spent about another 5 years trying to have dp. She wasn't quiet your age but i think late 30's when she had dp. I'll never forget when we told her i was pregnant with my first, she got really excited and then the stress kicked in and she broke out in hives.

Great story you have and i hope yours and others gives other hopeful mummies to be some hope.
Congratulations! I myself am a young mum (conceiving at 15) but my family has a few older mum's in it =) My great grandmother conceived her youngest child naturally at 50. She proved to me that no matter what age your capable of being a parent! Sadly she passed away at 72 but lived a fulfilled life and raised all of her children extremely well! My grandmother who is now 65 looked after me from birth and I think she provided me with the best of life. I think it's wonderful you were able to conceive later on in life, and wish you and your family all the best!

Not me, I had my 1st at almost 34 but my sil was almost 47 when she had her 1st and only daughter.She married late and had 1 miscarriage prior to falling pg( only a few months earlier).She had a fairly 'easy' pregnancy and birth.She was high risk for downs- a 1 in 13 chance but refused further testing and delivered a healthy baby girl around the due date.The "baby" is now 11 and off to high school next year.She is a very bright girl and will be attending a selective school next year.Sil is now 57 and very young in her looks and outlook.Kids keep you young.Fil was 37 when he beame a father and about 45 when the 5th was born.Its only now at almost 90 that he is starting to look his age and not as active.Anyway, that was a nice story to read, good luck with the terrible 2's lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi and congratulations... it's nice to read stories like yours... i fell pregnant at 18 and had a healthy baby boy... then 16yrs later i miscarried a bub... then 4 years after that i am pregnant with my second child...
i fell pregnant at 18 and gave birth at 19 after missing the pill only once. :/ Congrats on your baby! My partner's mum had someone donate their eggs for her and she gave birth at 43.
Congrats on a healthy girl and good on you, hopefully your story gives hope to others and that your never too old for a baby! :_

I fell pregnant to naturally conceived twin boys at 28 and then 2 years later with a baby girl.
loved reading all these stories i had my first baby girl at just 18 and 2nd girl at 20 then my little boy at 30 and i just had another girl last year at 40 all healthy. i am now 41 and still very much wanting another and am in the process of getting my man to agree to trying again i was on here hoping to find some stories from older mums and thank u to u all i am feeling totally inspired now.
i am 36 and am currently in my 7th week. My mum had me at 36 and my brother at 34 and we are both fine. Although there is a risk of having kids later in life, it is wonderful to read all these lovely stories.
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