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pregnancy and the rod Lock Rss

Hey girls im new here and have no idea where to write this so, I know im probably been stupid but ive been on the rod (nexplanon) I think thats what its called the newer one anyways for about a month and a half I was bleeding week after week maybe 1-2 days break, and now I havent had one for nearly a week I keep getting prenancy symptoms (nausea, tender breast ive been going off a lot of food and getting that i used to love and getting that yucky tastenin my mouth and really hormonal) I got told you can get them with the rod, but how would you know if you are, im scared and havent taken a test to make sure yet, the doctor will probably say its in my head as ive had bad pains in my belly aswell :/ what do yous think I should do? Do you think im stupid.?
Yeah I know I might do it tommorrow just to make sure thanks smile
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