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I am 31 live in Vic, I have a 13mth old son as a result of IVF/ISCI, we were very lucky as our first go gave us this wonderful star in our lives.
Now we are starting to think of #2.
Not sure if things would happen the "natural way" this time or would I have to go back on the IVF ride. We dont have any eggs saved so I would have to start at the start again. I dont wont to wait to long in case it takes us longer this time.
Would love to chat to other IVF mums and hear your stories...

raine, mum to 1 son

HI Raine, My DD is also an IVF bub. After 3 full cycles of IVF we finally got lucky with the third one..She is now 4 months old and yes she is our litle miracle girl. I also don't have eggs/embroys frozen as each egg pick up i had there was not many eggs and I had 2 embroys transfered each cycle and there was never any 'good ones' to freeze...I do wonder if it is going to happen naturally for us the second time. We were TTC for 3 years with DD so i don't want it to take that long with the next one as i would like to have them close together. Were you trying long to have your son??? Actually it is 1 year today that i found out i was pregnant with Ella..I would love to chat with you more about your story as i know it sometimes helps if you know that some one else has gone through the same thing.If your interested my email is [email protected]
Hope to hear from you.
Hi Raine

I am 35 and have gone through 2 full cycles of IVF and I frozen cycle. We were lucky on our second full cycle and fell pregnant with Ned who is now 7 months old. We debated about when to start again, and 2 months ago tried with our 3 frozen embryos, 2 survived but didn't take.

So we decided to go for one last full cycle which I have started already, infact I started me needles last night, Saturday 20th May. Just have to wait and see what happens. We are so blessed with Ned, I look at him each day as he is our little miracle child. There are couples that try IVF and never have a child, so we are all so very lucky.

It is an expensive ride whether it be financially, emotionally and physically, so if you truely would like to try again for another child, go for it as we have. What do you really have to lose?

Jacquelyn, baby Austin 7 months

Hi there,

I'm mum to Reid who is 10 weeks old and the result of our third IVF/ICSI embryo implantation. We had 7 embryos and still have one frozen which we hope to try early next year. If it doesn't work then I'll go through another egg harvest.

If you ever want to chat my msn is montrosepark [email protected] smile

Mum to Reid, 8/04/07

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