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Lochie is born Rss

Hi for anyone who followed my story from early on in my pregnancy, here is an update. After being told at 12 months I needed to have spinal surgery to stop myself ending up in a wheelchair, the pregnancy has been highly emotional. First we toyed and agonised ovr the decision to risk having the operation but ukily it worked. Then for the rest of the pregnancy we worried as to whether there had been any permanent damage done to our little boy. On 5 October our elective c section was performed (39 weeks) and little Lachlan was born at 3.555 kg. Lochie was born septic with heart problems and was plethoric and blue. He was placed in a humidi crib on iv antibiotics for 7 days while tests were perfromed. Basically his white cells were 10 times what they should have been to fight the infection hence his red blood cells came up to match his white cells. This caused his blood to be too thick to pump so he was bright red and his hands and feet were blue as the blood didnt pump that far. The extra effort required to pump his blood caused him to be really lethargic and have a whacky heart beat. After 7 days we were finally allowed to hold him and bring him home. The tests detected a cyst near his brain which we need to follow up on and a heart murmur which will probably disappear. Our little miracle is our pride and joy and at the moment only wakes at night at 12 and 5!!!
Hi and congratulations!
I was just reading your post and your story of determination and courage put a smile on my face. Its great that you could bring Lochie home rather than having to stay in hospital for treatment. I wish you all the best of luck.

Louise VIC

Congratulations on the birth of baby Lachlan, it must be such a relief to hold him in your arms!
Congratulations again!
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