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Confused, Angry Scared! Lock Rss

I am going to appoligise for rambling before I start so sorry. I need some help my partner of five years, dad to DD three in two weeks and myself constantly argue and fight, things havenm't been right since we ahd our dd but we have managed so far. i have depression and we are in debt pretty bad, we are constantly fighting over money issues and we both work fulltime so there is the tiredness factor aswell, I have gotten to a point where I ahve given up trying and don't know if I want to anymore. I hate what this is doing to my DD, our housde is pretty small so if we are arguing there is a really good chance Maddi will hear it. I hate myself for how I act and deal with things but I am just soo confused, I really don't look forward to going home anymore I feel like a prisoner. (stuck there with no money to move out) I think deep down I still love him but I am running low on batteries and don't have the energy to fight for the relationship anymore, we can't communicate to each other and I don't know how this is going to effect my DD. Please somebody help me to try and comprehend what's happening to my life. It has been on a downwards spiral for the last three years........
you sound just like me honey

we live in a unit and i think half the fights are because we are in a confined space

i love my DP very much but we fight at least 4 times a day(i know that sounds awful) but its the truth

and its hard to feel better when you are in debt too

i take one thing on at a time

i put money aside every week and DONT touch it
then i do all the bills
we do the shopping,pay the rent,etc then whats left over is left over

you can ring the company that you are in debt with and im sure they can put you on a payement plan,it will ease your mind heaps
i try to make our unit look bigger my re-araanging our our furniture,my neighbnour lets me cut flowers from her garden they always make me feel good
hope i can help
anyother questions just ask?


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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