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11 year age gap between babies Lock Rss

My oldest daughter is 12 then Lindy 17 months and Stevie 9 weeks. I was just looking at my name at the end of a post and it said Julia, mum of Lindy and Stevie. Oops, Lauren was left out. Lauren is my 12 year old from a previous relationship. It is really strange as I have my babies then there is Lauren. I hope I don't leave her out of things too often. Does anyone else have a big gap?

I met my husband when Lauren was 4, she was 5 when we started trying for another baby, it took a few years of practise before we got it right. I'd like to know from anyone who has a big age gap and how it affects family dynamics. We don't expect Lauren to do anything with the younger ones. She helps me with them with shopping and sometimes she will bath with the older one. Also Lindy laughs when she sees Lauren walk in the door after school so play wise they have a great relationship. Lauren is autistic so we can't push her too hard with the kids although they are mine to look after. Do others find their older children a big help?

My SIL gets her 12 year old to bath, feed and dress both of her younger children. Sometimes to the point where you wonder who the mum is. I go there and SIL is asleep and 12 yr old is looking after the younger ones by herself, she may as well be alone. I think it is pretty harsh and down right lazy on her part. Not to say to the other mums that have their children help out that they are lazy, SIL just is.


julia,mum of Lauren, Lindy & Stevie

Hi lindyhugs (laurens mum)

I to have a 12 and 13 year gap between my oldest son and his 2yr old sister and 9month brother.I think sometimes it works to his advantage as he is spoilt rotten(come to think of it they all are)anyway sometimes i get him to watch the babies if i have to go to the shops ,or he'll keep an eye on them in the bath ,but i try not to rely on him to much ,my DH on the other hand gets him to do to much for them and im always saying he shouldnt have to do that ,he's their brother not father.
But they have there fantastic moments together like playing in big brothers room ,he has a double bed so they get on there and run amok with each other or have cuddle time around the little ones bed time then there are times when the 2yr old just want to go and trash everything in his room and he'll get angry with her .
When it comes to remembering the oldest its my friends that seem to forget i have him.
When people ask about the huge gap i just tell them that i had to perfect the first one before i had anymore children.
Just enjoy them as children because the older one will grow up to fast and then they will have their own life and the age gap will seem even bigger for awhile till they all get older ,(hope that makes sense)

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr


When my sister was born, I was 12 years old. I bathed, dressed, fed(once she finished with booby) her. I loved every minute of it!! Different situation to your SIL though.My stepfather was a real pr1ck and treated my mum like a slave so I did the things she didn't have time for.

Anyway, it is funny cos when I was preg I was thinking motherhood would be a breeze cos looking after my lil sis was easy as. BOy, was I wrong. I think that I must have over estimated the things I used to do for my sis.

My mum was and is a CHAMPIION. 4 kids, a t0sser for a husband and he made her go out and get a job!! She somehow fit this all in! I don't know if I could!!
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