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  5. ok am not happy today why ?????

ok am not happy today why ????? Lock Rss

ok i am in one of thos moods i think i hate being at home all day and talken to a baby why why why i what to do something and talk to somebody but not a baby you all must know what i mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Magaical,{and to all mummys}
Hope your feeling better!
Must be something in the air.
Although I'm completly independant of my hubby i havnt been anywhere in a week because its just been to hectic to get out the house alone.I'm dying for some stimulation,socialisation,company other than waa waa waa.

The last 20 days of my life have been euphoric tiring and extremely busy.
Being a mum and a house wife is alot harder than i really thought for me I think it all comes down to sleep deprivation.

I can't hardly wait until we have some sort of routine and I can catch more than two hour intervils of sleep if you have any secrets let me know. Also you might be able to give me some advice on controlled crying technique.

Does anyone know of any good books to read!
Megan [email protected]
thankyou!! :-}
Hi Magaical,

I know exackly what you mean. About a month after both my births i go thru the feeling of I'm never going to be able to do what I WANT again. It is slowly getting better as i get more confident taking the two out.

When you do get in these moods why not jump in the car or go for a walk. If you don't have friends with a baby of similar age join a playgroup.

The talking to an adult thing, i guess thats why i'm addicted to the computer- no baby talk,

Keep your chin up,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Megan, know exactly what you mean I have a 22mth old and expecting again in 6 weeks. I tried establishing a routine also with my daughter in the begining but I didn't find any relief until she was about 3mths old. I found being really repetative helpful and it pays. I also found that if your not a dummy user it makes your life alot harder. I was anti dummies in the begining, but my daughter was waking every hour and not for a feed but just for a comfort suck. If your not using a dummy I would suggest trying one, if only for when she sleeps.

I tried controlled crying when she was 5mths and found it excruciating in the begining (my nerves), but stick to it. I would put her down after her feed just before she fell asleep in my arms and I would let her cry for about 5-10min, if she didn't settle I would just pat her bum and hum quietly, once she settled I would leave and try again. I would maybe do this about 3 or 4 times once she fell asleep. Don't pick them up it makes it a whole lot harder.

Hope this helps and good luck!!
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