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OMG I want another one Lock Rss

The past few months I've been fighting this feeling, Lilly is a great baby and my brain starts saying to me "see how good a mum you are, you could have another one" OMG help me. Then today we went to the local baby bunting and all the newborns and pregnant women drove me crazy. I now have to admit that I WANT ANOTHER BABY. How do you deal with it?

One day at a time

well i reckon deal with your gut feelings and go for it!! if you work out how close the bubs will be, it is around 18months, not a bad age gap i reckon! any chance you could be pregnant now? and your subconsious telling you?

you go girl!!
Ditto! I am a single Mum though and from the day after DS was born I have been looking forward to having the next one!
Now, I am very very clucky and have no idea how it can possibly happen now...

Me, NSW & DS 22.12.04

LOL! OMG that sounds like me!
Since joel was about 8mths old I have been practically DYING for another little one. We are in an excellent routine. I get the house done EVERYDAY but by the afternoon there isnt much to do..So I trodge down town were ahh there are the most adorable iddy biddy baby clothes and it just makes me go allllll mooshy inside!!!
Joel is now 13months and I have abandoned myself from looking at baby clothes ONLY once a week..Although sometimesI sneak in twice a week! I cant help it!
And I get on ebay and look at all the things you can buy for a new born and think of names..Like it is almost as if I was pregnant but then I come back to reality and relise-I am not pregnant. Adam isnt ready for another one and I have a responsibilty to Joel.
So I Do the house work washing and ironing and think to myself..each day is one more day closer to when I can start TRYING for number 2!
I have also started cooking again and Joel now helps..But the feeling just hasnt gone!
Adam thinks I may be able to go off the pill in just over 2 months-But it all depends on how our house is coming along (2 bedroom/Renovating)
I wish we were living there now...But all in time we will see.......
How do you cope?

2 more sleeps

My DS is 7 mo and we are TTC #2. We had always hoped to have 2 kids. I was against if for about the first 12 hours after DS was born, but from then on loved every second of motherhood and decided I would do it again. Gradually as he has grown out of his 0000 and 000 clothes and I have boxed them up, I look at how small they are and just can't wait to put them on bubs #2. I LOVE BABIES!!!

Kathy, DS 23/11/05, DS 17/04/07, DD12/06/09

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